Real Ghost Possession Caught on Camera?

When the video starts we see a paragraph that tells us how the people who captured the ghostly attack first started hearing odd noises several months beforehand.

They state that they sensed negativity in their home that seemed to mostly occur around midnight.


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Updated 2/10/2020 – They placed CCTV cameras in the house and one captures something creepy in one of the bedrooms.

The view is from the head of the bed and we see a man tossing and turning, like he’s being disturbed by something.

He sits up and looks around like he’s heard or sensed something close by.

When he lies back down and continues to toss and turn, we see a shadow at the foot of the bed, like something ghostly lying in wait.

We see an orb fly past and then the spirit goes over to look down at the man as he tries to sleep and sits up once again to see what’s going on.

He’s obviously agitated.


scary videos/youtube

We then see the shadow figure creep over to the right side of the bed and then slowly lie down, like it’s entering his unsuspecting body.

The man seems to know that something’s happening but the camera shows it’s more than just a series of strange noises disturbing the residents.

Throughout the tossing and turning, the man is obviously unaware that something is waiting to slide into his body, but it’s impossible to know what it is or why it’s targeting this household – especially this seemingly innocent young man.

Check it out for yourself: