5 Creepy Videos of Ghosts Caught on Camera

Note: some viewers might find these videos disturbing.

The first video shows a little white dog with his leash tied to the door.

The videos alone are terrifying, could you image actually being there?

image: youtube.com

Updated 2/10/2020 – Soon the dog becomes agitated as he looks through the open door on the opposite side of the room.

He begins to pace and bark as he strains to see what’s on the other side of the door.

Then the shadow figure appears, creeping towards him.

In the second video, a young girl is sleeping in her bed when a flash of an apparition in white seems to be climbing in with her.

After a while, the girl stands up on the bed and does a creepy dance and later on – does it again – obviously in a trance, or perhaps she’s possessed by whatever got in with her?

The third video is of the ruins of an old, stone building where you can distinctly see the apparition of a man walking down the steps.

You can see the head and upper body as he makes his way down the stone steps, which makes you wonder if he was from the time when the building was in operation.

There’s a detailed story about the background in the fourth video.

A man has a visitation after going to a church where the ghost of a White Lady is said to heal people.

The video shows him tossing and turning in bed, while an apparition sits in the corner, with her dark hands clearly visible on her lap.

In the fifth video, you’ll see what is said to be CCTV footage taken in Kerala, India – where a boy was placed under surveillance due to sleepwalking.

You can see the boy tossing around and pulling the sheet over his head, before a white apparition climbs in with him.

Maybe possession or the astral body returning?

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