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Watch: Demonic Growls Heard in Haunted Asylum?

Often times bad places will have bad spirits linger in them. Abandoned prisons where all sorts of evil men used to be held now harbor evil spirits. Houses that have had murders take place within them have the dead wander the halls. And insane asylums, where a variation of atrocities have usually taken place, often have […]

Do These 5 Kids Possess Real Psychic Super Powers?

Have  you ever walked down the street and seen a woman with a crystal ball at a booth who promises to tell your fortune? Chances are the premonitions that she details for five bucks probably won’t come true, or they will be so vague that you can’t tell. Updated 2/10/2020 – However, some people possess […]

Watch: A Haunted Tour Through A Real Haunted House

**Please scroll down to see the video** If you have ever wondered what a haunted house might look like, you will want to check out this haunted tour video. Youtuber Annie Marie has experienced her fair share of paranormal activity while living in her creepy apartment building. According to her, the neighbor that lived in […]

Thursday Haunted Stuff: Faceless Ghost Spotted at Indian Temple

Ghosts and apparitions can appear from the most unlikely of places like suburban houses, libraries or even amusement parks, but sometimes they’re right where you expect them to be. Religious and spiritual landmarks are great hubs to the spirit world because in a way they act as a kind of barrier; a place between the […]

Ghost Investigators Assaulted by Psychic Manifestation?

Have you ever gotten bad vibes from just being in someplace you can’t explain? That creepy room, house or basement that just makes you feel like you shouldn’t be there? There are tons of places that are filled with paranormal activity that affect your physical and mental well-being. Updated 2/10/2020 – You can often feel cold, […]

Mysterious Voices Overheard in Haunted Hospital

We all like to believe that ghosts and spirits of past loved ones exist. We take comfort in knowing that spirits of deceased relatives are watching over us. But is that really what we want for them? To be hanging around in the mortal plain as ghosts, unable to move on to the afterlife? Updated […]

Dog Attacked by Ghost in Haunted House?

Creepy things have been known to happen in residential homes. What might appear like a nice house in the suburbs could be filled with all sorts of strange paranormal activity including ghosts and poltergeists. If you’ve ever been home alone and heard strange noises or things that go bump in the night, you’re not alone. […]

Mysterious Blue UFO Over Los Angeles Could Be Alien Sighting

Do you believe in life beyond the planet Earth? You will after watching this video showing a possible UFO and alien sighting. This amateur footage taken by a group of Los Angeles residents shows what looks to be a massive UFO flying in the night sky. The spacecraft is engulfed in a bright blue aura […]

Watch: Ghost Caught on Camera in London Underground?

Have you ever seen something that you just can’t explain? If you have, and have witnessed the activity of a ghost or a paranormal event, then you might find this video interesting. There have always been numerous sightings of ghosts in the London Underground. Updated 2/10/2020 – While these were just usually rumors about apparitions usually appearing near […]

Amityville: The Awakening Trailer Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

For too long know horror movies have followed a cookie cutter formula that uses cheap jump scares to get a rise out of an audience. What aspiring filmmakers must realize is that a true piece of horror lies in the psychological. The kind of fear that gets to the viewer long after the credits are […]

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