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This Stephen King ‘IT’ Fan Film Will Haunt Your Dreams

What is it about clowns that make them so horrifying? That’s the question that author Stephen King asked when he wrote the novel IT, a story about a killer clown named Pennywise that preys on young children. Like most of King’s work it was adapted into a horror movie that frightened and terrified viewers for years […]

The Dangers of ‘Playing’ With a Ouija Board

Let’s get one fact straight: Ouija is NOT a Game. Though the board itself is a harmless piece of compressed wood, the form of communication people attempt often is. By conducting a séance with these, you’re extending an invitation to the spirits residing on the lower astral plain. Updated 2/10/2020 – Unfortunately, these spirits tend to […]

The Shocking Truth Behind Haunted Dolls

When the movie, The Boy was released, it reminded many that even a cute porcelain doll has the power to claim your soul. Updated 2/10/2020 – Despite the plot twist in the movie (no spoilers, please), it’s apparent that there’s a supernatural force behind the main character that ensures its survival. While this may just be a […]

Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?

Has a Lechuza ever called your name? Latinas in California know better than to whistle three times at midnight as that’s an invitation to one of the fearsome Mexican paranormal entities: La Lechuza. Updated 2/10/2020 – Haunting the former part of Mexico, especially San Diego, she haunts the sky after dusk or nightfall, swooping down […]

Beware La Llorona: Vengeful Spirit That Will Claim Your Soul

Every year, there are numerous La Llorona sightings. Have you ever encountered this real-life terrifying legend? If you’re traveling along Trabuco Creek near San Juan Capistrano, visiting O’Neill Regional Park, or planning a trip through Fresno’s Snake Road, you’re bound to come across one of the powerful vengeful entities that haunt the older parts of […]

James Dean’s Cursed Little Bastard

On September 30, 1955 James Dean met a tragic end at the Highways 41 and Highway 46 junction near Cholame, California. A little after 5 pm, he slammed into a 2950 Ford Tuder that was trying to turn away from the intersection. While his mechanic, who was in the passenger seat, survived despite being ejected […]

10 Most Bizarre Deaths in California

Life: Nobody gets out alive. We all have to go sometime, and most of us hope we’ll be peacefully lying in bed, surrounded by family. Some people aren’t quite so lucky, though. For them, the end was a bizarre affair. Whether they were mercifully quick or excruciatingly slow, these people suffered deaths that the rest […]

A Ghostly Warning that Could Have Saved Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate was a rising star who reigned during the 1960s after making her film debut in the ‘Eye of the Devil’. Her popularity further rose when she married Roman Polanski, her director and co-star in ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’. Updated 2/10/2020 – However, she left this world early at the age of 26, murdered at […]

The Truth Behind Ouijamania

While many believe Ouija boards to be a great source of spooky entertainment, there are thousands of people who firmly believe that they can connect them with the spirit world. Unfortunately, what most people fail to understand is that toying with the paranormal without truly understanding it comes with a price: their sanity. The First […]

10 Celebrities Who Know Incredible Secrets of the Paranormal

It’s always a little surprising when a famous actor, actress, or musician claims some experience with the supernatural. Then again, why should it be? It’s doubtful that ghosts and other paranormal entities care about our worldly pursuits. They have their own troubles, and they’re probably far too busy to be star-struck. Does a 200 year […]

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