Ghost Investigators Assaulted by Psychic Manifestation?

Have you ever gotten bad vibes from just being in someplace you can’t explain?

That creepy room, house or basement that just makes you feel like you shouldn’t be there?

There are tons of places that are filled with paranormal activity that affect your physical and mental well-being.

Ghost Investigators Assaulted by Psychic Manifestation?

Photo credit: youtube/Dead Explorer

Updated 2/10/2020 – You can often feel cold, hot or start shaking.

Your mood and temper can also be affected.

One minute you could be in a good, stable mood and then the next minute you could start feeling completely irritable.

If the presence of a demonic spirit has entered the space you’re in it will undoubtedly have negative effects.

That is what happens to these ghost investigators in the video on the next page.

As we can see the main investigator goes through a slew of different feelings and temperaments that are most likely brought on by the ghosts in the house.

The setting the ghost investigators are in is a haunted house they believe to have a poltergeist inside.

They have witnessed objects moving as well as strange voices calling out before this event.

They have also reported psychic activity such as hearing knocks on doors when nobody is around.

This prank-like behavior leads the investigative team to conclude that the paranormal activity in the house is most likely a poltergeist.

In this incident the team is setting up office when one of the members starts sweating abnormally.

The team then attempts to ask the ghost if he is bringing on this behavioral shift.

When the investigator who is sweating asks the ghost is angry, he reports that he is now angry himself.

Watch the video footage of the ghost investigators

As you’ll see in the video, the team reports that if one goes inside a house with a negative or weak mindset, the ghost or spirit inhabiting the area will latch on and have their own emotions run through you.

Eventually the person in the ghost investigators starts team will feel extremely cold when walking somewhere else.

Different areas will bring on different occurrences.

You have to take the video with a grain of salt but for anyone who has experienced something similar knows that this could be entirely plausible, especially if you watch the footage below.