Thursday Haunted Stuff: Faceless Ghost Spotted at Indian Temple

Ghosts and apparitions can appear from the most unlikely of places like suburban houses, libraries or even amusement parks, but sometimes they’re right where you expect them to be.

Religious and spiritual landmarks are great hubs to the spirit world because in a way they act as a kind of barrier; a place between the living and the dead where one can communicate with the other if  you will.

Thursday Haunted Stuff: Faceless Ghost Spotted at Indian Temple

Photo credit: youtube/GhostWorldTV

Updated 2/10/2020 – Burial grounds, churches and temples are especially prone to haunted stuff as they harbor strong otherworldly energy.

The video on the next page shows one such place; a fort in India named Gwalior.

It’s located in Madhya Pradesh in the Central part of India, and is an important part of Indian history.

It is the biggest fort in the entire country, and was also a spiritual safe-haven for many Emperors which have ruled there.

The fort is now open to the public, with the footage from the video being taken by one such visitor to the temple.

The video itself is taken from the top of the fort where you can get a tremendous view of the surrounding city.

The video looks like it was taken to show every possible angle in the temple as possible.

The first couple minutes are the video taker attempting to show the viewer how massive the fort really is.

It is also obvious that the video is not professional; it is very shaky at times and moves around quite a bit.

Although this may appear hindering, it is somewhat more reliable that the haunted stuff depicted is real and not fake.

Though the majority of the video appears to be just standard home video of the fort, the last minute offers a disturbing image.

Just as the camera pans across one of the pillars, a shocking moment comes when a random figure is seen standing atop of it on the inside.

Thursday Haunted Stuff: See The Faceless Ghost On Video

At first the cameraman is also confused. As he quickly pans back to the pillar, the mysterious figure, whose face is blacked out, disappears.

This leads to the conclusion that this person might or might not be a ghost of the temple.

While they are wearing contemporary clothing, it could be a person who recently committed suicide at the temple, his spirit unable to escape.

Watch the video below: