Do These 5 Kids Possess Real Psychic Super Powers?

Have  you ever walked down the street and seen a woman with a crystal ball at a booth who promises to tell your fortune?

Chances are the premonitions that she details for five bucks probably won’t come true, or they will be so vague that you can’t tell.

Do These 5 Kids Possess Real Psychic Super Powers?

Photo credit: youtube/Beyond Science

Updated 10/9/2019 – However, some people possess traits that defy traditional explanation.

There are, in fact, some who seem to possess legit psychic powers.

The video below chronicles 5 of them, who are actually all children.

The first child could very well be a real psychic as she is able to guess numbers in her head among other things that people are thinking of.

This psychic ability is called telepathy and it is a mental representation, and the child was able to guess 16 out of 17 numbers correctly on a random number generator.

A scientist that spent time with the child even backed up the fact that telepathy might exist.

The next two kids have the strange ability of pyrokinesis, which allows them to manipulate fire with their minds.

The first girl who lives in Vietnam, has fire reportedly appearing where ever the child goes.

She is currently being studied by a group of scientists, but goes to school regularly which is now extra stocked with fire extinguishers.

The other supposed real psychic with pyrokinesis is only 3 years old, and is reported to set fire to certain objects right after she points them out.

The fourth child like the first has telepathic abilities.

She is able to guess what her mother is thinking of before she even says it.

A study was conducted where the mother memorized a 16 digit number, and the child was able to accurately guess it.

The last child is reported to have amazing healing abilities and performs them on people in her town in Brazil.

She is said to have healed a man who had been suffering from HIV for years.

Are each of these kids a real psychic?

Is the evidence too circumstantial?

Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

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