Watch: Ghost Caught on Camera in London Underground?

Have you ever seen something that you just can’t explain?

If you have, and have witnessed the activity of a ghost or a paranormal event, then you might find this video interesting.

There have always been numerous sightings of ghosts in the London Underground.

Watch: Ghost Caught on Camera in London Underground?

Photo credit: youtube/FacelessKnights

Updated 10/9/2019 – While these were just usually rumors about apparitions usually appearing near the subway, it seems that an incident has finally been captured on tape.

Filmed by a bystander waiting for their train, the video shows something truly disturbing.

As the footage zooms in on the subway tunnel, something can be seen moving onto the tracks.

When the footage is zoomed in, it appears to be a person slowly walking off of the platform.

From the footage the entity in question doesn’t appear to be a regular person or subway worker.

The image is distorted, but the outline makes it crystal clear that this is some sort of ghost caught on camera; the figure making their way onto the tracks.

Why this supposed ghost is lowering onto the train tracks is a mystery.

Perhaps it is someone who used to work in the Underground and suffered a horrific death.

His spirit might return to the place he died.

An accident perhaps in which he was run over by an oncoming train.

Another hypothesis is that the spirit is someone who had committed suicide in the subway.

If a person had indeed killed themselves by throwing their body onto the track than their spirit or soul might not be at rest.

They might be trapped on the tracks, forced to relive that horrific decision to end their lives over and over.

Of course it’s possible that the footage was doctored or altered to make it look like there was a ghost on the platform.

In the footage before the slow downed freeze frame there doesn’t look like there is any particular movement.

That could just mean that the ghost was harder to see from further away however.

What do you think?

Is this footage fake, or does it actually show a ghost caught on camera?

Watch the ghost caught on camera in the video below:

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