Watch: A Haunted Tour Through A Real Haunted House

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If you have ever wondered what a haunted house might look like, you will want to check out this haunted tour video.

Youtuber Annie Marie has experienced her fair share of paranormal activity while living in her creepy apartment building.

According to her, the neighbor that lived in the floor above had committed suicide when she moved into the building.

Watch: A Haunted Tour Through A Real Haunted House

Photo credit: youtube/Annie Marie

Updated 2/10/2020 – Marie has also had run ins with abnormal activity.

After the suicide she apparently went to bed one night and while falling asleep she reports that her doorknob started violently shaking and moving on its own.

It’s obvious that the apartment and the house that it’s inside in is different than most, so Marie took the time out to film a tour of the complex.

The first shot is that of the basement when entering the building.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that the area is dirty and unkempt, but the strangest part is the out of place fireplace on the side of the wall.

Marie goes on to say that the building used to be a funeral home years ago.

This could explain the possible and apparent paranormal behavior.

As she continues with the door Marie takes us upstairs where the wallpaper is peeling off and the window curtains are old and dirty.

The building obviously isn’t well kept.

What is also weird is that many of the apartment closets outside of the rooms are completely empty, even most of the apartments themselves are completely empty.

The hallways are very confined and freaky looking.

About halfway through the haunted tour Marie takes us below the room in which her neighbor committed suicide.

Just before she gets there the light in the room suddenly shuts off and then turns back on.

Marie then explains that she doesn’t like to go down this hallway as she gets a “bad feeling” from the dead neighbor’s room.

Watch The Startling Haunted Tour Video

Marie’s haunted tour is definitely creepy.

Could the fact that the building was once a funeral home be leading to paranormal occurrences?

Is the neighbor who committed suicide now haunting the complex?

Watch the video below and tell us how haunted you think this house is.