Mysterious Voices Overheard in Haunted Hospital

We all like to believe that ghosts and spirits of past loved ones exist.

We take comfort in knowing that spirits of deceased relatives are watching over us.

But is that really what we want for them?

To be hanging around in the mortal plain as ghosts, unable to move on to the afterlife?

Mysterious Voices Overheard in Haunted Hospital

Photo credit: youtube/”Believe” A Paranormal Experience

Updated 2/10/2020 – Being a ghost wandering from place to place, or being stuck in one particular setting, must being maddening.

Even if you are dead, there’s nothing fun about being lost or abandoned in the realm between this life and the next.

Just ask the participants of this video, who communicate with a demonic voice in a haunted hospital.

The experiment starts interestingly enough as the group is able to pick up the voice of a ghost on a speaker.

They start asking it simple questions such as “where are you, and what do you see.”

The voice from the speaker, which is heard in short static intervals responds by stating it is in a vast room with many doors.

When the group asks why he doesn’t go through the doors, the voices state that it is “trapped.
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The participants decide to explore the haunted hospital even further and journey onto the second floor.

There they find an isolation room and decide to perform an experiment with it.

They lock one the people in the group in the doorway to have the energy of the hospital flow throw him.

After about 5 minutes the voice can be picked up again stating again in short intervals, “learn” and “retarded” while the person in the isolated room starts shouting asking to be let out.

Haunted hospital video footage

In the video on the next page you’ll see and hear some startling stuff…

It’s a strong possibility that this ghost is a doctor of the hospital, or patient, and is unimpressed with the group’s efforts.

More voices can be heard later on that certainly sound threatening and demonic, giving the group warnings about leaving.

It is clear that the spirits in this haunted hospital are enraged, and of course they would be.

They are floating through the next plain stuck between the afterlife and unable to walk through any doors.

Sometimes, it’s best to leave this agitated spirits alone.

Watch the creepy haunted hospital video below: