A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Florida Cemetery

The city of Coral Gables holds the oldest cemetery south of the Miami River in Florida.

Pinewood Cemetery hosts many families within its grounds, including the final resting places of pioneers that once lived in Dade County.

Over the years, Pinewood has been neglected by Coral Gables.

A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Florida Cemetery

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Is Coral Gables Haunted?

Updated 2/10/2020 – Vandals desecrated headstones, and foliage began to reclaim the area.

But all of this took a turn for the better in 1983.

A local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, along with members of the community, took a sudden interest in Pinewood Cemetery.

A full-fledged restoration project began.

But residents who live nearby this historic site are convinced that more than headstones have been revived.

Dade County locals have begun to see shadowy figures roam the cemetery at night.

On days where the wind is particularly strong, whispers can be heard emanating from the grave sites.

One family of psychics even claims to have been visited by a boy that rests within Pinewood.

There are those who visit Pinewood and believe that these apparitions are pioneers.

They mean no harm, the residents claim.

They just don’t want to be forgotten.

But a few locals have heard of something quite sinister at Pinewood.

…Something that has caused this historic cemetery to be a permanent place of misery and hauntings.

While most of the cemetery’s restoration efforts took place in the 80’s, a few projects are still ongoing.

The weeds that have taken over the area have been removed, and native plants and trees are continuously being planted.

Deep holes in the earth are necessary for said trees to prosper.

A few Dade County residents believe a teenaged girl met her untimely demise in one of those holes at Pinewood.

Mustangs and Murder

Rumor has it that this girl was quite rebellious in nature.

The only things that this girl cared about were her boyfriend and his beautiful blue vintage Mustang.

One day, the girl decided she needed a thrill.

She decided to take her boyfriend’s beloved car out for a joyride.

As she drove, the young woman tried to light a cigarette, and consequently ran the car into a telephone pole.

This might not be her final resting place...

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She scrambled out of the Mustang unharmed, but forgot about the cigarette.

Dropping it on impact, the lit cigarette landed on the seat beside her and caught fire.

By the time the fire department arrived, the entire interior of the car had been destroyed.

The stories say that her boyfriend was livid beyond reason, so he snuck into her bedroom that night and dragged her out into the street.

With the help of a few friends, they tied her up and put her in the trunk of a car.

The boyfriend drove through Coral Gables until he arrived at Pinewood Cemetery.

He proceeded to bury her alive, right beside a freshly planted tree.

Some resident psychic spiritualists believe this cemetery is haunted by pioneers.

But a few of them are convinced that Pinewood is the permanent home of a girl buried alive.


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