The Terrors Haunting East 8 Mile Road

Located in San Joaquin County, Stockton, California, The East 8 Mile Road may seem like another road.

However, it has attracted many paranormal enthusiasts and para psychologists through the paranormal activities taking place there, most of which are possibly caused by the three ghosts thousands of people have sighted while traveling on this spooky road.

The Terrors Haunting East 8 Mile Road

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The Terrifying and Real Hauntings at East 8 Mile Road

Ghost 1) The Woman in White

Ghost in White Bridal Dress

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Updated 9/19/2019 – The most prominent ghost on East 8 Mile Road is that of a female dressed in white clothes.

Witnessed by night workers and truck drivers, she tends to walk in the middle of the road.

However, she’s not as innocent as she seems as.

Those who pass her apparition report seeing her through their rear view mirrors on their back seat, causing them to lose control over their vehicle and end up in an accident.

Some legit psychics feel she’s using psychic abilities such as telekinesis.

This is why the Woman in White on East 8 Mile Road is considered a malevolent spirit, if not the only one in the area.

Ghost 2) The Native Indian Girl – AcheriNative American Ghost Acheri

Another ghost on the road is that of a native Indian girl who died in an accident there.

Reportedly haunting her death place, she tends to scream loudly during the dark silent hours of the night according to neighbors.

However, she hasn’t appeared as often as the Woman in White, only sounding off her anger, pain and frustration to those living nearby or traveling in the area.

Ghost 3) The Harmless Native American Girl

Apache Native American Girl

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Another native American female, this spirit is harmless and doesn’t trouble anyone.

Seen on the same road as the other two, she tends to appear during full moon nights.

Unlike them though, her origins and story are yet to be known.

Unlike many haunted roads and places in California, East 8 Mile can be downright dangerous at night.

With the malevolent spirits there, you need to rid yourself of feelings of weakness and loneliness before traveling there.

Sectional evil souls who aim to disturb human elements will always choose people experiencing these two emotions.

So don’t travel alone on this spooky road and engulf yourself with positive thoughts to avoid becoming the next victim of East 8 Mile Road’s ghosts.