The Hair-Raising Stories of Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge

Driving on the 134 freeway while in Pasadena, California, you can’t but be amazed by the spectacular view of the Colorado Street Bridge.

Curving over the river bed, it flaunts a very romantic and old charm.

It’s even more irresistible at night as the lights make it appear more alive.

The Hair-Raising Stories of Pasadena's Suicide Bridge

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Updated 2/10/2020 – However, once you’re on the bridge, you’ll notice a shift in energy and you’ll feel the hair on your back rise.

This is because of the dark history behind this bridge, which is what earned it the name ‘Suicide Bridge’.

How the Colorado Street Bridge Got its Other Name

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Thousands of people have jumped off the Suicide Bridge since the first suicide on November 16, 1919.

A considerable number of suicides has especially been reported during the Great Depression between 1933 and 1937, which is around the time the bridge gained its infamous nickname.

If you ever want to read more about the people whose lives were lost there, you can go over the three thick binders documenting articles and historical facts at the Pasadena Central Library.

Despite the bridge undergoing renovations to reduce the number of suicides, it retains its nickname.

The Hauntings of Suicide Bridge

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The most famous ghost haunting the bridge is that of one of its construction workers.

Legend has it that a worker toppled over the Suicide Bridge and fell into the wet concrete.

He was left to die in the quick drying cement, fusing with the bridge forever.

Many believe that he’s the reason the bridge had claimed so many lives.

Legend has it that he calls out to distressed individuals, urging them to come to the bridge and jump off it.

Another ghost you may come across is that of Myrtle Ward, a 22-year-old mother who took her life on May 1, 1937.

Myrtle took her three-year-old Jeanette to the bridge that morning after her husband left her.

She walked by the bridge and threw her baby girl.

Luckily, the baby landed in the thick branches of a nearby tree and reached the ground with few scratches.

However, her mother wasn’t as lucky, which is why she’s seen haunting the bridge in search of her baby.

Aside from these two, numerous spirits of people who perished there can be seen.

Two that has been witnessed frequently are that of a man with wire-rimmed glasses and a woman in a white robe standing on the parapets as she prepares to jump off the bridge.

However, not all the spirits at Suicide Bridge are peaceful.

Many people report hearing cries and screams while wandering on the bridge.

Members of the Supernatural Investigation Unit have also come across hostile entities that threatened and growled during EVP sessions.

Therefore, head there with caution and DON’T try conducting a Ouija board session or else you’ll put yourself at the risk of possession.