Spirit Portals: What They Are And How To Identify Them

Are you ready to learn the truth about Spirit Portals?

Are you ready to learn the truth about Spirit Portals? Photo: Twinsday

Have you ever seen spirits moving in and out of one place ?

Or maybe you’ve felt something like a strong shift in temperature…

If so, chances are you’ve encountered a spirit portal.

It’s easy to be alarmed or to confuse having an open portal with thinking your home is haunted, but there’s no reason for either.

Today, we’re chatting about what spirit portals are, how to identify them, and how to close them.

Whether people choose to accept it or not, our physical realm is highly related to the spiritual realm.

What we do here impacts what happens there, and spirits from that world can (and do!) impact us.

Just like a physical door allows you to pass from outside to inside your house (or vice versa) or a staircase allows you to travel up or down, so a portal allows being from the fourth dimension to access our dimension.

A large change in energy usually precedes the formation of a portal to the spirit world.

A large change in energy usually precedes the formation of a portal to the spirit world.

– Updated 2/11/2020

How Are Portals Formed?

A spirit portal emerges because of a large change in energy.

Something like a huge geologic event can create a hole in the veil, but so can strong atmospheric events.

Places where lots of people have died will create these kinds of openings, so hospitals or war zones will often have lots of portals.

Portals can also form in you.

If you’ve experienced a particularly healing spiritual experience, you might become an open portal.

There are also some places, physically, that are simply more prone to connections with the fourth dimension.

A lot of people think that portals open doors to hell or demons, but that’s not necessarily the case.

The laws of the spirit world are complex and very detailed, and not all spirit portals admit all beings.

Different beings pass through different portals and much of this, in essence, is connected to the strength of your intuition.

How Do I Know If There’s a Portal Nearby?

Some physical locations are naturally more likely than others to naturally attract portals

Some physical locations are naturally more likely than others to naturally attract portals. Photo: Juan Tiagues

In fact, because of the symbolic nature of things like mirrors, windows, and doors, these things can also serve as highly traveled connection spaces.

Busy third dimension locals (streets, sidewalks, etc.) can mean busy portals!

You might notice increased spiritual activity around yourself or in a particular location.

If this heightened activity increases over time and if it seemed to begin when you gained stronger levels of spiritual healing and understanding, there’s a good chance you have become a portal or that a portal has opened nearby.

It’s worth noting that pendulums, Ouija boards, and other devices are not spirit portals.

They do not allow spirits to flow between worlds but rather help spirits who are already here make a better connection.

They are useful tools, but when we’re talking about portals it’s more accurate to consider yourself as the spirit portal and not the device itself.

What Do I Do With a Portal?

Sage is useful for cleansing an area to help close a portal.

Sage is useful for cleansing an area to help close a portal. Photo: Joy Holland

Once you’ve encountered a spirit portal (especially if it’s in yourself or your home), you have several choices.

If the spirit portal is not connected directly to you, you can always walk away.

For example:

If you have a mirror that is a portal, you can choose to give the mirror away and physically remove it from your home.

Most people opt for this kind of behavior because it’s simple and easy.

Spiritual traffic either startles them or is just too much since it’s a lot like having a steady stream of visitors entering your home at all hours of the day or night.

If you can’t walk away from the portal you can rely on your spirit guide to help shield you from what comes through the portal

Of course, you can choose to close the portal on your own.

Not sure how to contact your spirit guide in the first place?

No problem. Watch this video to see how to to connect with your spirit guide:

To close the portal, you’ll want first to make sure that you’re in a stable and healthy emotional place.

Use sage or sweetgrass to cleanse the space (sweetgrass will help attract good things and sage is great if the space is especially highly traveled).

Now, just imagine the spirit portal being sewn up and closed.

You can say a prayer and announce your intention of closing the portal.

When you’re finished, it’s also helpful to leave crystals or a crystal grid to sort of “reset” the area.

Make sure, after that, that you work to keep your home and life ordered since chaos will only invite more spirit portals to form.

Have Questions?

When you’re feeling confused or unsure, sometimes it’s best to talk directly with someone who has the answers.

In situations like this contacting a psychic can be a huge help.

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Whatever you decide, please remember, we’re all in this together!