Death Valley Witch Lives Again at the Amargosa Opera House?

In 1935, the town of Death Valley, California opened a new hotel and public service building.

Originally called Corkhill Hall, the building’s name was changed to the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in 1967 when resident artist Marta Becket began to rent the space.

Before the Amargosa became a performing art space, many town-based events, church services and funerals were also head in the building.

Death Valley Witch Lives Again at the Amargosa Opera House?

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The Legend of the Death Valley Witch

Updated 2/10/2020 – And it’s been rumored that there was one funeral there unlike any other the townsfolk had seen.

According to an obscure local legend, a resident witch passed away and her funeral service was conducted at the Amargosa.

There are no official records that recount what happened on that day, only that halfway through the service, many Death Valley residents were seen fleeing the building, screaming in terror.

But recently a painter has come forward, sure that she knows what really happened.

As she is still trying to develop her professional career, this artist asked us to keep her identity anonymous.

You had some of your work on display there a few years ago, correct?

“Yes,” X replied.

“I live several hours away, so I made arrangements to stay in one of the rooms within the hotel portion of the building during the show.

Please tell us what you experienced.

“Well, the show went great…there was a huge turnout and everyone seemed to appreciate my contribution to the exhibit.

I helped the staff clean up the glasses and plates and decided to go to bed.

I had just walked around a hallway when I ran straight into one of the hotel employees and our heads crashed together.

“There were no permanent repercussions, but I did black out for a few moments afterward.

During those few moments, I had a most peculiar vision…It felt like I had stepped back into time.”

The Dark Funeral

Witches have their own unusual ways of re-emerging after being banished from the mortal plane, this one in particular... But can you always trust everything you see?

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Please explain.

“I was in the largest public room of the building.

Everyone around me was dressed in days of old—if I had to guess I would say 1940s attire but who knows?

As I looked around in confusion I saw an open casket on one end of the room.

“That’s when I noticed that everyone was wearing somber, dark colors and I realized I was somehow attending a funeral service.

I slowly approached the casket, and there was a beautiful young woman lying in it.

Even in death, I could tell by her sunken, hollow looking cheeks that she must have passed away due to illness.

“I was just standing there, studying her features when she suddenly sat up!” the artist said, wide eyed.

I watched in complete disbelief as she slowly opened her mouth and this thick black smoke started to float out of her mouth.

Everyone looked at the smoke in fear as it traveled through the room and seemed to rush down the throat of a young lady who was attending the service.

“The woman clutched at her chest for a moment, and her eyes seemed to go completely blank for a moment.

Then she suddenly stood up straighter and her eyes had changed color completely.

And she looked at the body in the casket which had fallen over again….and she laughed this creepy, almost evil sounding laugh.

“Within seconds, everyone around me but the laughing woman went rushing and screaming out of the building,” she said, swallowing.

That’s when the woman turned and looked right at me and said, ‘I live…again.’”

“When I woke up I was back on the floor of the Amargosa hotel.

It sounds crazy I know, but I don’t know what else to tell you.

It happened.”


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