Beware The Ghost Lurking In This Florida Bathroom

The town is St Petersburg, Florida.

The building is a Romanesque octagon built during a revival of that particular style between 1927 and 1929.

Its name is Comfort Station One, and it is quite possibly the most beautiful public restroom ever built.

It may also be the most haunted public restroom ever built.

The famous, and haunted, Comfort Station One in St Petersburg Florida.

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Updated 2/10/2020 – You may want to consult a medium via a phone psychic reading before visiting this place.

Visitors – particularly to the women’s restroom side, but to both in general – have reported many encounters with spirits and other paranormal phenomena over the years.

From stall-to-stall conversations with people who turned out to not be there (who does that anyway?! Maybe these people deserve to be haunted) to cold spots and mirrors fogging up, Comfort Station One has been described by a visiting California Psychic as, perhaps most aptly: “not quite right.”

Something is going on inside there…

Most of the encounters which take place there are minor, even sometimes funny.

One young woman had a very frightening moment when, for just a moment as she opened the door to one of the stalls, she saw a head poking up out of the toilet.

According to her, she blinked in shocked surprise, and the apparition was gone.

It shook her up enough, however, that she decided to wait to use the restroom until she could make it to another location.

Also, she claims that she has never been able to go to the bathroom since without thinking of that day, at least for a split second.

The real terror, of course, lies in the encounters which are not friendly.

Johanna M. is a forty-three year-old graphic designer who lives near the area in St. Petersburg.

Often when she does her shopping on weekend mornings, she stops in at Comfort Station One, as it is on the route she normally takes.

The Smoke Ghost of St Petersburg, Florida

People have reported seeing a ghost appear at this St. Petersburg washroom.

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“I stepped in there, and it was the middle of the morning.

“Bright sunlight outside, white sterile light inside.

“You know the feeling.

And I was in a hurry.

“Not because I had to go to the bathroom badly or anything, but I was just in a hurry the way you get sometimes when you feel like you have a lot to do that day.

“So I’m in the stall and I hear another person moving around, which I think is weird because I was pretty sure I was alone when I came in, and I didn’t hear the door open.

“I come out and I’m washing my hands, and when I look up into the mirror, there’s this dark face behind me made completely out of what looks like smoke.

“It snarls at me, and then all of the stall doors bang open and bang shut again and the lights go out.

“I scream and scream, and then I crawl for the door, and I can feel it touching me, getting all over me as I crawl.

“Finally I got out, and I ran away.”

I ask her if she has ever gone back, and a weird smile crosses her lips.

“Only when it tells me to.”