Does Something Demonic Haunt the Fox Theater in Visalia?

On January 5, 1929 the local newspaper had a headline everyone in Visalia was talking about.

In the midst of financial uncertainty and despair, something exciting was coming to town: the Fox Theater.

Fancy a show at the haunted Fox Theater in Visalia, CA?


Updated 2/10/2020 – The theater was completed the following year, complete with elaborate motifs and ornate detailing.

A Trip to the Visalia Theater

It was the ideal place for locals to temporarily forget their troubles and enjoy a taking picture—a new way of seeing movies at the time.

Today, the Fox Theater continues to bring joy to the community…but not everything about the theater is romantic and happy.

Rumor has it that one of the balconies within the building is haunted.

Many people have reported feeling a strange, and unsettling presence while up there, though they had no idea who—or what—it might be.

A couple of years ago, Sasha was visiting some of her cousins who live in Visalia.

Her family members had to run some errands, one afternoon, and Sasha decided to see a movie on a whim.

Dark Entity on the Balcony

Dark Entity on the Fox Theater Balcony

“I’m from New York, and I was definitely still experiencing serious jet lag at that point,” Sasha remembered.

“I’m not even sure I was twenty minutes into the movie when things around me grew hazy, and my eyelids grew heavy.

I’m one of those people who likes to sit in the back of the theater, and because of the overhang of the projector, it was hard to notice me in the dark.

“I think that’s why none of the staff members noticed when they went to close the theater,” she shrugged.

“When I first woke up I felt like I was almost in a dream…the entire theater was empty and the lights were dimmed to the point of being pretty much useless.

It was really creepy and surreal.

“Bewildered, I got up from my seat and began to walk toward the front of the theater where the exit door was.

As I shuffled down the aisle something compelled me to stop dead in my tracks.

The hair on the back of my neck rose up as I got the inescapable feeling that I was being watched by someone,” she murmured.

“I looked back towards the projection booth, but I didn’t see anyone looking down at me.

My eyes naturally gravitated to the second row of seats and there, on the balcony was a figure.

I peered into the dark, trying to see who it was.

“The more I stared the more I realized that the person I was looking at wasn’t a person at all…it was some horrible looking creature with eyes that terrified me,” Sasha shuddered.

“I ran the rest of the way to the exit door but, to my horror, found it was locked from the outside.

I knew I would have to run to the exit at the back of the theater, but that meant passing directly under the balcony.

“I took a deep breath and ran forward as quickly as I could.

I looked straight forward, but as I approached the balcony I heard movement above me and I looked up.

Suddenly, I saw a black mass falling towards me from above.

“I cried out and raised my hands up to protect my head…but nothing happened.

I looked up again, and the entity was gone.

My cousins in Visalia didn’t believe me when I told them what happened, but I know what I saw.”

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