Are These Real Ghosts Caught On Tape?

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In the first video, we see what is known as the Moorpark Shadow person – a creepy, black mass caught in the corner of the room – which is also seen in the mirror.

We can actually see it form before our eyes.

Filmed in 1989, this old video was created before programs for visual manipulation were available to the public.

Are These Real Ghosts Caught On Tape?

Updated 2/10/2020 – The second video was taken at a hospital where a doctor had killed himself.

A medical student working late one night hears something moving about.

When he trains his camera down the hallway, he catches a creepy apparition peering out from a doorway.

Then it comes into the hallway while the student backs away in fear, through the doors.

In a cemetery located in Savannah, Georgia – the third video was shot in 2008 by a teenager who was visiting with his family.

We see a child running behind the tombstones then he jumps up into a tree and supposedly drops out of it onto the ground.

Experts advise that there has been no alteration to the video.

In the fourth video, we see a well-known Youtube personality – who has never posted paranormal clips before.

He is making a video for his art students when we see a cupboard door open up behind him.

He continued but is then distracted when the door slams shut.

He goes over to investigate – obviously freaking out.

The fifth video is just as amusing as it is creepy.

Two guys are filming what appears to be a woman in white, wandering through a cemetery, stopping to pick a flower from a grave and continuing to walk on and around tombstones before disappearing.

The men swear and yell at her, but she doesn’t respond.

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Do you think these are real ghost sightings?