Beware The Blood Drenched Ghost Lurking at Niles Canyon Road

Many people consider Fremont, California to be a safe and happy town.

However, a terrible tragedy occurred during the 1920s—and Fremont has never fully recovered.

It was a beautiful day, and a local woman decided to take a stroll outside.

Fremont’s Very Own Lady in White

Updated 9/23/2019 – She wound up by a bend in Niles Canyon Road when a car came careening around the corner and could not stop in time.

The vehicle ran over the woman and kept on driving.

The woman died shortly after.

Today, residents of Fremont believe the ghost of the woman can still be seen along the now infamous road.

Marnie has relatives who live in Fremont and visited them often while growing up.

She encountered many people who claimed that they saw the woman in the white dress, but no matter how many times her family used that road, Marnie never saw a thing.

A Terrifying Tale Revisited

Don't spend too much time in the woods alone, you may not end up being truly alone.


“It was so easy to dismiss all the stories,” she told us.

“People like to share ghost stories because they think it makes them seem cool or special somehow.

But after countless trips down that road, there never seemed anything special about it.

“Fast forward a couple years when I was assigned to investigate the validity of a ghost story for a Halloween segment of the newspaper I work for,” she said.

“I thought about the ghost in white in Fremont and I knew it would be the perfect tale to write about.

So I drove down there, made my way to Niles Canyon, and brought out my equipment.

“Since ghost hunting shows are so popular these days, my editor in chief wanted me to use the same kinds of devices they do on television,” Marnie nodded.

“So I got a thermal camera, a EVP device, the works…The sun had just started to set when I got there.

I walked along what is considered a hidden sidewalk, as you can’t see it from the road.

“Many people have supposedly run into the lady in white here.

As I started walking around, I thought I heard the sounds of someone else walking nearby, but each time I stopped the noises would too…like whoever it was watched me through the trees.

I started getting a little scared, but I didn’t think it was the bloody ghost.

“I thought it was some creepy guy or something,” Marnie shrugged.

“Anyway, I kept going.

As the sky grew considerably darker, I pulled out the thermal camera and scanned the area with it.

“I turned it towards a group of trees when I saw a human figure walking parallel to me on the other side of the foliage.

I was scared,” Marnie admitted, “but I had to find out who was there with me.

I ran towards them, all the while looking at them through the thermal camera.

“According to the feed, the person was standing right in front of me, looking right at me…but when I looked up there wasn’t anybody there.

It was…the scariest thing I have ever endured,” she whispered.

‘H-hello?’ I called out.

‘Marnieeeee’ the voice said, eerily high pitched.

I ran straight to my car and drove out of Fremont then and there.”