You Can Feel The Shadow People Watching You From The Bushes On Thompson Creek Trail

Ask a local about Thompson Creek Trail in Claremont and they’ll sing the praises of this urban trail.

Suitable for all skill levels, the 2.2-mile trail is rich with fresh, woodsy smells and pleasant views that can make you marvel at Mother Nature’s creativity.

Despite all this, and the fact that it’s nestled in a residential area, the trail is one of the most haunted trails in Southern California.

You Can Feel The Shadow People Watching You From The Bushes On Thompson Creek Trail

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Unexplainable Events at Thompson Creek Trail, Claremont

Updated 2/10/2020 – If you’re sensitive to the paranormal, this is one trail you shouldn’t be on.

While most of the occurrences happen after the sun sets, there are many who have seen bizarre sights in broad daylight.

From clouds shaped like skulls to violent images suddenly forming in the sand, several instances drove visitors away from the scenic trail and back to their cars.

In fact, a local wrote in 2014 about a wall suddenly forming to prevent him from moving further.

“Once we passed a small barrier, the air seemed to change.

The power lines overhead were buzzing like crazy.

“About 50 yards ahead of us was a wall of fog.

Not a blanket over us, but a wall in front of us.

“Though I went looking for a paranormal experience, my legs and feet would not budge towards the wall.

“I told the person I was with that I had to leave.

I heard scraping noises that seemed to chase me as I very quickly made it back towards my car.

“Very scary.

I want to go back, but with a large group.”

The Entities Awaiting Visitors on the Trail

What further intensifies the eeriness of the Thompson Creek Trail is the entities that haunt it.

Another ghost hunter wrote about his own encounter with one at the old boy scouts cabin there around the end of 2014.

Her eyes look dead, and it's because they are.

Photo credit: photobucket/missymay

“Thompson Creek is creepy, my team and I decided to walk the trail at night and use our EVP device.

“What we captured was a young males voice that sounded like “Oh shit, Help me!”.

“This was at midnight and mind you, we were at the old boy scouts cabin that burned down decades ago.

“I suggest go at night (with a group at least) and travel to the old boy scouts cabin.

Also be careful with the nosy neighbors.”

Several accounts also tell of shadow people who watch visitors from the bushes or from behind trees.

“A friend of mine lives close to Thompson Creek Trail and goes out all the time walking it both during the day and at night.

“He has photographed several things with his phone that neither of us can explain from shadow people to “eyes” looking at him from bushes…” wrote Ron Freeman in 2015.

“I too seen a silhouette of a VERY tall man when I shined my LED flashlight against a shadowy tree.

“It was like someone was standing in front of my flashlight,” wrote Kris Cervantes earlier this year.

This goes to prove that whatever is haunting Claremont’s Thompson Creek Trail is still out there and waiting for its victim.

The question is – will it be you?

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