How To Enter Someone’s Dreams Through Dream Walking

Discover How To Dream Walk in 5 Simple Steps (Astral Projection Made Easy!)

Sina Domke

The mysteries of the mind have always fascinated mankind.

In this article we will explore the intriguing concept of astral projection and discuss topics such as how to dream walk and how to enter someone’s dream.

Is it ethical to do so?

What are the ramifications? You be the judge.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What’s the Difference Between Dreaming and Astral Projection?

Humans have been mystified by dreams and astral projection since the dawn of time.

Dreams have inspired many events throughout history, from the artistic to the horrific.

Astral projection has been considered as the soul leaving the body in order to travel to other realms in space and time.

Yet the questions remain: what is the difference between the two phenomena, are they mutually exclusive or can they intersect and occupy the same space?

Some say no, as dreaming occurs in our minds, with supposedly random images being brought up through the cortex and played out in our sleep.

With astral projection, the soul actually leaves the body to investigate other places.

Some note how different the experiences are, such as super intensified awareness with astral projection, in comparison to the sometimes murky and confusing elements of dreams. See this argument about astral projection versus dreaming.

Yet there are always exceptions to the rule, as some psychic dreams – especially lucid dreams – can be vivid and exciting.

Out of body experiences, by contrast – can involve elements of confusion and dream-like properties.

What is really fascinating, is the idea that the dreaming mind or soul has the capacity to leave the body via lucid dreaming.

Before You Begin, Why Do You Want to Enter Someone’s Dreams?

This isn't something you should take lightly, it can be a dangerous experience for both of you - with lasting negative impacts.


You might just be interested in knowing more about the person, or would simply love to share a dream for an exciting adventure.

Seeing as dreams can be used (and have been used) for problem solving or unearthing secrets, these elements might be more interesting.

In any case, it’s important to understand the motivation behind your quest.

Be honest with yourself and ask if you could get the required information or answer simply by engaging with the person.

Keep in mind how you’d feel if someone was planning to do the same to you.

Keeping your intentions pure will enhance your success, as you will be driven by altruistic ideals rather than emotional imperatives.

How to Dream Walk and Enter Someone’s Dreams in 5 Simple Steps

  1. The first thing to remember is to state your purpose clearly, whether through carefully planning a ritual to accompany the attempt or through meditation and focusing your energies. A clear focus and understanding will go a long way in achieving your goals. Set up a sacred space where you will be uninterrupted.
  2. Think intently about the person. Remember that your attempts will be far more successful if the other person is in on it. If you can synchronize your timing, the experiment will take on a more meaningful level of focus, with careful fact checking after the attempt. If they are not aware, you have a lot more work to do.
  3. Meditate on their face either in your mind’s eye or on a photo. Think from their point of view and meditate on their feelings without superimposing your own ideas – even if it makes you uncomfortable. The trick is to be able to align yourself with their energies so that you can build a psychic bridge – even a mind-meld, if you will.
  4. As you drift off to sleep, hold onto the feeling of being them – like an actor would do when trying to get into the “skin” of their character. Repeat simple affirmations like, “I will enter her dreams” or “I will now cross over into her dreamworld.” When you wake up, note your impressions and see if you can ask them about any dreams they’ve had.
  5. Practice lucid dreaming, where you become aware that you are dreaming. In this state, you can consciously direct yourself to that person’s dream by saying their name or focusing on entering their dreamworld through a familiar portal that at least has meaning for them, if not for the both of you.

Are You Ready to Enter Someone Else’s Dream?

The following video explains how this can occur and what conditions need to be in place in order to enter someone else’s dream – called Dreamgate by the author of “Guild of PSI” Eric Pepin.

He explains that it’s a complicated process that takes a lot of practice, starting with assuming the qualities of the target dreamer.

Warnings and Concerns: Dream Walking

Be careful because dream walking can turn into nightmare walking very quickly.


As mentioned previously, you can gain great insights into the inner worlds of others, especially when you work together in a synchronized experiment, with proper controls.

But what if the other person is an enemy or someone who you want to gain control over?

You need to be very careful as to your motivations and intentions.

Mental illness is another thing to keep in mind.

What if the mind of the dreamer you wish you infiltrate is fraught with psychological problems or hidden darkness you don’t know anything about?

Are you prepared to expose yourself to their illness?

What if you have unknown darkness, which could leave behind negative energies?

If you ever feel like someone has entered your dreams without permission, read this article by Nita from Witchvox, who states:

“Dream invasion is about intentions, implementation and visualization.”

She goes on to discuss a variety of ways to protect yourself if you feel that someone has invaded your dreams.


To conclude and sum up, you’re probably best to advise the other person and work on it together.

This will build trust and bring about greater success.

You can never be sure, in the end, that you actually did enter that person’s dreams, unless they confirm by inadvertently sharing the details.

However, if you get the answer you seek, then it might just be worth it!