Haunted Crescent City: Beware The McNulty House Apparition

There are many historic homes in Crescent City, California.

During the late 1800s many people flocked to the town in order to build their homes and begin their lives.

The McNulty house was built in 1897, and was the home of Mr. McNulty and his wife, Lillian.

Beware the Mcnulty house in Crescent City

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A Dying Wish

Updated 2/11/2020 – Lillian outlived her husband by several decades.

When she passed away in 1957 she left instructions that the house should be converted into a library or museum.

Lillian’s wishes were respected…for a few decades, anyway.

Over time the house received fewer and fewer visitors, and the community decided to transition the house back to a private home.

The McNulty House was put on the market and quickly sold to a family.

After the family moved in they began to report strange, unexplained happenings.

Faucets would turn on and off by themselves, objects would disappear and then reappear again after months of being missing.

Mary was a family friend who often spent time at the McNulty House.

Whenever she heard of these events, she always took it with a grain of salt.

The Ghost of Crescent City

The Ghost of Crescent City


“I was a young lady then, but I never believed anything spooky or paranormal was really happening in the house,” she informed us.

“I always felt there was a reasonable explanation for what happened, especially because they had servants who worked in the house at the time.

It seemed perfectly reasonable to assume that the maid moved objects around while dusting, or that they ran the water to get it warm before they began to clean the bathroom,” she shrugged.

“I didn’t express these doubts to the family as it didn’t seem like it was my place to do so…but I never got creeped out visiting like some of our mutual friends at the time.

They had been in the house for about a year when I stopped by for tea.

My friend hustled into the kitchen, and I was left alone in the living room.

“I began to notice that the air all around me felt cold—much colder than it had been just a few minutes prior.

It was an old house, however, so it was to be expected,” Mary said.

“I remained seated on the couch when I thought I heard whispering directly behind me.

“I turned to look around but nobody was there.

The whispering resumed the moment I turned back around.

And then…Oh, it was eerie.

“I felt someone touch my hair.

I leapt from the chair and walked into a corner of the room so I could see all around me.

I remember feeling goosebumps break out all over my skin.

“A few moments later my friend appeared, carrying a tray of tea and sandwiches.

The moment she looked at me she grew pale and dropped the tray.

She brought her hands up to her face and screamed.

“Naturally I immediately walked over to her and asked if she was alright,” Mary nodded.

“My friend looked unnaturally pale and just stood there sobbing for several moments.

After I finally got her to calm down and sit on the sofa, she told me what she saw.

“‘There was a woman, a ghost, standing right behind you in the corner,’ my friend whispered, sobbing into my shoulder.

That’s when I knew that she and her family had been telling the truth.

The famous McNulty House in Crescent City truly was haunted.”