Disneyland – The Creepiest Place on Earth

The Haunted Mansion aside, Disneyland is home to a shockingly high number of ghosts, spirits, and other otherworldly entities.

Ghost sightings have been nearly constant since the theme park’s opening in 1955.

What’s the reason for this?

Disneyland sees an enormous number of people coming in and out, day after day.

Disneyland - The Creepiest Place on Earth

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Since opening day, over two billion guests have been to the Happiest Place on Earth.

With the sheer volume of people, it’s no wonder that the place is a hotbed of psychic energy.

Adding fuel to the fire, it has become more and more common for families to scatter the ashes of their loved ones in the park.

This is a disturbing practice, but perhaps understandable.

Many families make their happiest memories in the Magic Kingdom.

Laying loved ones to their eternal rest along the slopes of the Matterhorn or among the singing dolls of “It’s A Small World” makes sense, in a macabre way.

It’s not the safest practice though.

Aside from park security catching on, it’s turned Disneyland into one of the most ghost-infested places in California.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Portrait

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Mr. One-Way

Most often seen is the spirit known as Mr. One-Way.

He was once a park guest like any other, who stepped onto Space Mountain and died during the ride.

Today, he appears as a red-haired man who will board any car with a single passenger, then disappear in all the commotion of the trip.

Security cameras never show Mr. One-Way, but numerous guests have frantically reported the man who boarded the ride with them but never came out the other side.

It’s A Small World of the Dead

Most people would agree that if “It’s A Small World” has a flaw, it’s that the song just.




Those dolls keep on going until the day is done.

Some Disneyland employees, though, have reported that the fun doesn’t even stop then.

Apparently, the dolls will sometimes move and sing in the middle of the night.

Employees commonly believe that they are inhabited by the spirits of deceased park workers.

The Boss Is In

Walt Disney Smoking a Cigarette

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And of course, good old Walt Disney himself is still kicking around.

He’s been spotted or heard in his old apartment in the fire station on Main Street.

His presence has been felt in his office behind the magic shop.

And he’s been known to enjoy the occasional date with his also dead wife Lillian, in the gallery above Pirates of the Caribbean.

So, so many people visit Disneyland every day of the year that it’s hard to imagine any of these ghosts present a real danger.

Go and enjoy your time there, and keep a look out for a few guests who may have overstayed their welcome.

On Earth.