How to Make a Wish Come True Fast (Truth Revealed!)

Discover the truth about making a wish come true.

Discover the truth about making a wish come true. Photo: Nathan Forget

To be human is to wish.

Everybody desires at least some improvements to their life such as more money, better health or the love of that special someone.

But can your dreams really come true simply by wishing?


Let’s take a look at how to make a wish come true.

– Updated 10/11/2019

The Power of Wishes

Everybody has wishes they want to be fulfilled.

You likely wish for things all day long, from minor wishes like “I hope this light stays green” to major wishes such as “I hope to fall in love.”

But according to established love psychic professionals, these wishes are likely fleeting hopes which you don’t focus on for any extended period of time.

This lack of focus is why most wishes made by people don’t come true.

In order to make real wishes come true, your desire must be more than an idle thought.

Wishes are basically a form of manifestation.

While wishes can certainly manifest a new reality, those wishes must be made in a certain way.

Simple Steps To Turn Your Wishes Into Reality

1) Wish as You Fall Asleep

In order to make a real wish come true, you need to wish at the right time.

One of the best times to wish is when your mind is clear and relaxed.

Called hypnagogia, this unique state of mind occurs right before you fall asleep.

Think about your wish when you’re in bed for the night.

Visualize your wish as specifically as possible.

Build a mental picture in your mind of what your fulfilled wish would look and feel like.

Try to fall asleep while holding onto that mental image.

With practice, your wish can come true overnight.

2) Write Down Your Wish

Physically writing down your wish helps focus your intentions for the universe.

Dedicate a small notebook or journal specifically for each wish.

Write down the wish as if it had already occurred.

For instance, write “I just received $2,000!” or “I’m getting married to the love of my life!”

Keep your wishes direct and simple.

There’s no need to elaborate on your wish in great detail.

Write your wish down each day.

The power lies in the repetition.

Each day, you’re devoting some time to thinking about making your wish come true.

This focus over time can eventually lead to manifestation.

3) Use the “Glass of Water” Technique

Something as simple as a glass of water can help in making your wish come true.

Something as simple as a glass of water can help make your wish come true. Photo: Yoppy

A simple glass of water can help all of your dreams come true.

First, you’ll need to fill a drinking glass with water.

Regular tap water will work just fine.

Next, take your hands and rub them together briefly.

This helps activate an energy field.

Place each hand around the glass, but don’t actually make contact.

With your hands in position, say your wish out loud.

Similar to the writing exercise described above, keep your wish simple and direct.

After speaking your wish, hold the image of your goal in your mind for a bit while focusing your attention on the glass.

Then simply drink the water.

Try to drink it as quickly as possible.

As you drink the water, you’re transferring the energy of the wish into your body.

Use this strategy at least twice a day.

Most people use the Glass of Water technique once in the morning and again before bed.

You can expect results in a few weeks for small wishes and a few months for big wishes.

Not only will your wishes come true, but drinking two full glasses of water each day can also help boost your health.


Wishes absolutely can come true!

The secret is focus and attention.

Instead of passively hoping for the result you want, harness the energy of the universe to manifest a new reality.

The steps above detail how to make a wish come true.

Create the life of your dreams through the power of wishes!