10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in California

You’ve decided to visit the dead.

But what about the undead?

What of those disembodied souls that refuse to stay silent?

You’d expect cemeteries to be haunted, but it could be more intense than you’d thought.

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in California

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Updated 2/9/2020 – What will you do when apparitions fly at your throat?

Will your nerves endure the rattling of chains?

The howls of countless souls longing to return to the world?

These cemeteries in California are the most raucous, the most inhabited by mystical spirits.

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in California

#10 – Adelaida Cemetery, Paso Robles

10 - Adelaida Cemetery, Paso Robles - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: flickr/cheryl_strahl

The hem of the long pink dress trails behind her.

She’s called the Pink Lady, and sometimes she floats just over treetops.

Legend has it that she killed herself when she was just nineteen.

Some visitors have heard sad songs being sung from over the cemetery’s distant hills.

#9 – El Campo Santo Cemetery, San Diego

9 - El Campo Santo Cemetery, San Diego - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: flickr/simplerevolution

For denizens of the paranormal, this San Diego haunt is as magnetic as it is terrifying.

The most spectacular, gruesome sights have been seen here, including headless bodies floating in the darkness.

Guarding the cemetery is a semi-nude wraith, said to be the shade of a prostitute who refused to be buried there.

#8 – Rosehill Cemetery – Black Diamond Mines, Pittsburg

8 - Rosehill Cemetery - Black Diamond Mines, Pittsburg - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo courtesy of Traci Parent

Sarah Norton, a midwife killed by being thrown from her buggy, is buried here.

She was said to have been a strong woman in life, and in death will howl at you.

Or laugh or cry.

Also in store for the brave ghost hunter are armies of apparitions with candles.

If you can resist the urge to flee from this gloriously-ominous site, you’re almost superhuman.

#7 – Sacramento City Cemetery, Sacramento

7 - Sacramento City Cemetery, Sacramento - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: flickr/johnnyoptic

The location of this resting place for the dead was moved, meaning digging up and re-burying bodies.

What happened to them during this process?

Were some souls stirred?


We know that throughout this cemetery, one hears the pounding of footsteps when no one is visible; howls seeming to rise from the ground; and once, female laughter that sounded both sad and deranged.

#6 – Agua Mansa Cemetery, Colton

6 - Agua Mansa Cemetery, Colton - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: flickr/whenigodeaf

Buried here are the bodies of rowdy cowboys, many who put a bullet in someone and who died that way themselves.

You think someone who’s life was taken so unexpectedly is just going to lie in a grave?

No, visitors to this site see eerie shades floating above ground, and even a ghost cowboy walking a ghost dog.

There’s nothing so creepy as the apparition of a sickly old dog taken from this world too soon.

#5 – Pioneer Cemetery, Placerville

5 - Pioneer Cemetery, Placerville - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: flickr/peasoupgallery

It’s a small, dangerous-looking burial ground, often half-overgrown with weeds.

Here, paranormal watchers will find the ghost of a tall woman in a torn, clingy dress.

What’s amazing is that even in ghost form, the severe bun in her hair is plainly visible.

#4 – Sunnyslope Cemetery, Beaumont

4 - Sunnyslope Cemetery, Beaumont - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: summitcemeterydistrict.com

If you’ve ever heard stories of some demented groundskeeper at a cemetery, Sunnyslope is the place for you.

It is home to a very spooky character along these lines who suddenly disappears and who responds only in a ghostly fashion.

But the cemetery has even more ghoulish treachery in store.

One of the most disturbing things to happen to a ghost hunter has been reported here: the feeling of being touched by an unseen hand.

#3 – Green Acres Cemetery, Bloomington

3 - Green Acres Cemetery, Bloomington - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: dignitymemorial.com

We know that restless souls constantly hover over boneyards.

But that doesn’t mean they must be the home of bloody rituals.

Such is the case with Green Acres, however.

This graveyard is home to a marble table, off in the corner, that has been reported to sometimes be covered in blood the day after Halloween.

#2 – Calvary Cemetery, Hanford

2 - Calvary Cemetery, Hanford - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: hanfordsentinel.com

The land is flat and open in this cemetery—it looks innocent, peaceful.

But there are horrors inside.

Near one of the mausoleums, a glowing wraith of a woman often appears in a white dress.

Her eyes have been sometimes described as bright yellow, sometimes bright green.

One visitor saw this woman shoving a tree branch into her mouth.

Something sinister is underfoot.

#1 – Fairhaven Cemetery, Santa Ana

1 - Fairhaven Cemetery, Santa Ana - 10 Haunted Cemeteries California

Photo credit: panoramio/clrsky58

In this cemetery you’ll find a chilling and terrifying group of apparitions.

One is known as the morning baby or the morning child, since this toddler ghost appears in mornings, always crawling toward a particular oak tree.

It’s not an easy sight to stomach.

Also difficult is the sound of babies crying, which has been heard far too many times.

Your Next Step

These are areas that are alive with intense psychic energies.

They are fueled by desire.

The souls want back into our realm.

Or at least they want us to know they exist.

How they show it will shake you to your core.

So click here to get directions, then round up some friends and bravely explore some of these haunted cemeteries.

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