Try Not to Crap Your Pants When You See What Happens

Have you ever been so scared you almost crapped your pants?

Maybe the thing that scared you was an apparition, or something more sinister.

Try Not to Crap Your Pants When You See What Happens Title

Get ready to be scared.

Updated 2/10/2020 – There’s plenty of frightening things that you can run into on haunted hikes, at abandoned buildings, and other places with confirmed paranormal activity.

You might see shapeless forms, perhaps even get chased by them.

You could enter a room where things start to fall off the shelves for no reason.

You may hear whispers when no one is talking.

Lights may flash, statues may bleed, and/or you may feel compelled to walk into a vortex.

All things impossible ARE possible when you’re dealing with the paranormal.

Which is what happened to these poor people, haha.

They thought it was impossible that anything might “get them”.

They were just doing their normal everyday routine.

But sometimes our ordinary routine is interrupted by the unordinary.

Check it out for yourself in this video:


This Video is Crazy Video is Crazy

Posted by MyMusic on Friday, November 13, 2015

Have you ever been scared like that?

Or maybe you’ve been the one doing the scaring?

I once scared the crap out of an ex-girlfriend by hiding a mannequin in the bed, haha.

What have you done, or what has happened to you?