10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Florida

Are you itching for a night of paranormal intrigue? Florida is home to hundreds of cemeteries – historic and current alike. What’s even better? Many of those cemeteries are known to be haunted and extensively documented as such. If you’d like to spend some time outdoors, and on the hunt for ghosts, then these ten cemeteries are definitely for you.

The Ten Most Haunted Cemeteries in Florida

10) Page Jackson Cemetery – Sanford, FL

Page Jackson is one of the oldest cemeteries established in the town of Sanford. Recently, some locals have begun to claim that they have succumbed to severe paranoia and panic attacks while visiting the cemetery. Many have said that the cemetery brought on such uneasy feelings within them, that they couldn’t stay there for more than an hour.

When they got home, most said that they battled severe insomnia as well, despite never having an issue with sleeping prior to their visit.

9) Pinewood Historic Cemetery – Daytona Beach, FL

Allegedly the oldest cemetery in all of Daytona Beach, Pinewood is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman, who watches visitors from behind the trees.

Perhaps even more terrifying is the headless ghost who is said to roam around the cemetery. Enraged by the teenagers who defaced his gravesite, the ghost of Adler Rawlings now follows visitors unseen and is known for scratching anyone under the age of thirty.

8) Mount Dora Country Club Cemetery – Mount Dora, FL

This historic overgrown-cemetery now falls on property that belongs to the Mount Dora Country Club. Members of the club frequently report seeing the ghost of a green-tinged woman wandering between the graves.

According to local lore, the woman was envious of her best friend and tried to seduce her husband. When her plan failed, the woman decided to end her own life. Now, she walks alone at night in the cemetery, fruitlessly searching for somebody to give her heart to.

7) St. Augustine National Cemetery – St. Augustine, FL

Established in 1763, St. Augustine is the oldest military cemetery in the state of Florida. Many soldiers are buried in mass graves here, and will often say hello to visitors by way of electronic voice phenomena.

But perhaps the ghastliest spirit here is that of a headless woman. Said to be the decapitated victim of a 1974 machete murder, the ghost is known for suddenly appearing in front of visitors, exposing them to the tore muscles and tissue of what remains of her neck.

6) Rose Cemetery – Tarpon Springs, FL

This cemetery is well known in the area for being extremely active. While nobody seems to know the story behind the spirits here, the entities are not afraid to make their presence known.

One phantom is particularly violent and has become known for making people stumble and fall if they get too close to his tombstone. Others report that all of their hairs stand on end the moment they cross into this burial park.

5) Woodbridge Cemetery – Fern Park, FL

Woodbridge Cemetery in Fern Park, FL is the home to many haunted places, according to locals, and obviously the graveyard is no exception.

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Some Fern Park residents believe the area that makes up this cemetery was once much larger. Through the years, many buildings have been constructed adjacent to the cemetery, and locals believe parts of the cemetery have been built on top of graves—hence the hauntings.

Several apparitions have been seen hovering around the perimeter of the cemetery, their jaws unhinged as they wail and stare at the many stores and businesses next door.

4) Bosque Bello Cemetery – Fernandina Beach, FL

Not only is this small cemetery aesthetically spooky, but many folks in the area believe it to be haunted as well. Some have reported hearing disembodied voices and laughter emanating from the cemetery at night.

Those who are brave enough to visit might see the apparitions of dead children, following their movements through the cemetery while high in the trees on the property. It’s said that if you stand beneath them they will scream at you, and nearly frighten you to death.

3) Indian Spring Cemetery – Punta Gorda, FL

Built during the early 1900s, Indian Spring is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. Punta Gorda residents claim that ghostly lights and orbs can be seen floating around the cemetery just before dawn.

Disembodied crying is always heard as the strange orbs hover above the headstones. One local woman claimed that she got within a foot of one of the lights. As she did so, she could hear it threatening to hurt her on the spot.

2) Boca Raton Cemetery – Boca Raton, FL

Two distinct spirits are said to haunt this cemetery. The Screaming Man is known for crying, until his outburst get steadily louder. If a living person visits during one of these fits, he will stand behind them at all times, screaming and cursing at them until they leave.

The other spirit is friendly, but terrifying to witness. Mary is said to appear to those who come to the cemetery to grieve. However, she was once brutally murdered, and appears with empty black sockets where her eyes should be.

1) Lake Helen Cassadaga Cemetery – Lake Helen, FL

Lake Helen dates back to the 1800s, and is better known by locals as the Devil’s Chair. According to local legend, a chair was built for an elderly man when he would come to visit his deceased wife.

Now the chair is considered to be haunted. Some visitors have claimed that if you sit in the chair, a phantom spirit will follow you home and appear in front of you every night for a week.


Prepare to potentially be poked, prodded and stalked at these intensely haunted cemeteries in Florida. You don’t need to wait until Halloween before you can come into contact with the dead.

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