Haunted Milton: Corpse That Summons Demons on Nichols Creek Road

In Milton Florida, there is a man who is convinced his house is haunted.

Florida native Michael Wright believes his home on Nichols Creek Road is also the home of many spirits.

And they don’t seem to want to leave anytime soon.

Haunted Milton: Corpse That Summons Demons on Nichols Creek Road

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Satanic Rituals Abound in Milton

Updated 2/10/2020 – Frightened, but also curious, Wright has reported that the entities that share his house with him are typically only active after nightfall.

While he has encountered the spirits many times over the past couple of years, he has yet to learn anything substantial about who—or what—they are.

He has considered bringing in a psychic medium but wanted to first go the more technical route.

As a result, Mr. Wright has opened his home to paranormal investigators who are bent on capturing evidence of the paranormal.

(Just don’t show up un-announced.)

But one investigator got more than she bargained for.

“I have been chasing ghosts for decades,” laughed Roxanne.

“So when I found out that Michael, who lives very close to me, was opening up his home for investigations, I was incredibly excited.

“I am trying to start my own paranormal investigation team here in Milton, and I thought the house on Nichols Creek would be my debut of a sort.

“I arrived shortly after nine PM.

“Michael let me in, offered me something to drink, and told me that if I needed anything, he would be watching television quietly in his bedroom.

“I set up night vision cameras all over the first floor of the house, and pulled out a EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorder.

“I started recording on all of my devices, and walked around the house, getting a feel for its layout and, well, aura.

“Every room had a different feeling, a different vibe to it, but I wasn’t sensing anything paranormal.

“I decided to shut off the lights and verbally invite the spirits to speak and interact with me.

“As soon as I was done speaking, a painting fell off the wall to my immediate right.

“I was starting to think perhaps Michael was right about his house after all,” Roxanne said with raised eyebrows.

“Messing around with my EVP recorder, I discovered that someone had started whispering under their breath from the moment I walked into the house.

“I turned the volume up and made out the words ‘in the dining room.’”

The Dark Beginning

“I scurried to the dining room but stopped dead at the doorway,” Roxanne said, suddenly turning serious.

What did you see in the dining room?

“A ghostly figure.

There, shrouded in a black cloak was an erect skeleton.”

Milton Florida is a haunted little place.

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“For a moment I thought Michael had put it there as some sick joke to scare me…

“But then the skeleton started to pace around the room.

“The only thing that kept me from running out of that house screaming was this eerie feeling like the figure couldn’t see me.

“Metallic medallions hooked into his face started making noise as he picked up his pace, and he started to speak.

“’Bael, we summon you, Most Unholy.

Let us gather here to do the devil’s work,’ the cloaked figure began.

“I nearly jumped a foot in the air when I heard replies from unseen entities all around us.

“They said, ‘Bael, guide us and protect us as we bring forth your terrors unto Mother Earth.’

“I knew then that I was witnessing a Satanic ritual from long ago,” Roxanne said, bending her head.

“When I went home, I realized that all of my cameras batteries had been drained ten minutes into my investigation…

“…and all of my EVP recording had been replaced by a terrifying voice saying ‘666’ over and over again.

“I gave up my dream of starting my own paranormal team in Milton then and there.”


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