Ghost Of Killer Will Whisper Your Name At This Fence In Florida

Daytona Beach, like most of Florida, is known for its warm weather, and as the name suggests, its beach.

But there’s more hiding in this tourism mecca than souvenirs.

Wander along one particular Daytona Beach fence and hear the whispers of the dead, quietly begging for mercy.

Ghost Of Killer Will Whisper Your Name At This Fence In Florida

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Rumor has it that a woman killed her small daughter at a nearby house.

Overwhelmed by guilt, she hung herself from a tree by the fence.

She still can’t find peace.

Death Descends on Daytona Beach

No one likes thinking about women who murder their children.

It’s one of those things that is so taboo, so contrary to our culture that prides women on their nurturing capabilities, that it’s almost blasphemous to speak of.

But women do murder their children, and rumor has it that a woman killed her child in Daytona Beach.

The woman sits near the whispering fence with the ghost of her child, but something is wrong in Daytona Beach...

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People believe that, driven mad by guilt over giving birth to a stillborn son, the woman took a knife to her daughter.

The woman was in a daze, unaware of what she was doing, until her husband came home, tore the knife away, and called for help.

Disgusted by what she had done, the woman ran.

She found a tree by a fence and hung herself from it.

When someone stands where she died, they might just hear her whisper.

What Does She Want?

Many people who believe in ghosts think they have unfinished business to attend to, and that’s why they stick around.

If the child-murderess of Daytona Beach haunts the fence with her whispers, her unfinished business is repentance.

She is desperate to be forgiven.

One visitor recalled hearing, clear as day, an echoing whisper.

She couldn’t make out what it was saying at first.

Then she heard the words, “Save her.

The witness described the experience as incredibly disturbing.

Other witnesses have reported seeing a figure in a black dress walking along the fence line, only to disappear when they went to get a closer look.

One man saw her eyes, and he described their expression as “haunted”.

No one is sure if the ghost really believes her daughter can be saved.

Maybe the ghost woman doesn’t even remember what she did.

Maybe she’s so ashamed she wants to take it back.

But no one can take back death, no matter how much they may want to.

Until the ghost woman comes to terms with what she did, she is doomed to haunt the fence line and the stump of the tree she hung herself from.

She may haunt Daytona Beach forever.

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