The Screaming Female Specter of the Santa Ana Yost Theatre

The Yost is a historic theatre located in the middle of Santa Ana, California.

It was originally opened in 1912, and was the go-to place for entertainment within the community.

Many jazz singers sang at the Yost during the roaring 20’s.

Yost: The Most Historic Theatre in Santa Ana

Updated 2/10/2020 – It was in the year 1927 when singer Ernest Ball passed away while at the Yost.

Today, local folks seem convinced that Ernest haunts the theatre.

Whether the Yost is hosting a romantic wedding or an intense MMA fight, Ernest is there, spectating.

Other frequent visitors believe that another spirit is there, although they do not know anything about her.

A female apparition has been spotted near the green room.

Those who have seen her or encountered her in some manner have begun to call her Molly.

When the Yost closed down for several years, then reopened in 2011, the staff wondered if the paranormal activity would still be the same.

When Dominique visited for a concert event, she learned the answer to that question for herself.

And the experience was like nothing she could have imagined.

Could it be Molly?

Are you ever truly alone in a room? Can you ever be sure?


“My younger sister insisted on going to see this…certain singer that was coming to the Yost.

No, don’t ask me who it was…it’s so embarrassing, I will never tell,” Dominique laughed.

“Nevertheless, it was my sisterly obligation to take her there.

When my sister ran into some classmates and one of the classmates’ moms, I felt relief.

Hurray for an actual chaperone!

I asked the mom if she wouldn’t mind watching Dana while I found the restroom, and she said it wouldn’t be a problem.

“So there I was, exploring the Yost by myself, in search of the bathroom.

Even when I asked staff where it was, their directions were confusing to me,” she frowned.

“Finally I found this long narrow hallway, and I assumed that a bathroom just had to be down it at some point or another.

“As I crept along, I kept feeling like somebody was watching from above me,” she said, touching the empty air over her head.

“Almost as if someone were hovering there unseen, following me down the long, dark hallway.

I reached an unmarked door and opened it, only to find a medium sized room full of janitorial supplies.

“But based on the plaque outside the door, I realized the next one on the right hand side was a female bathroom.

I walked in and quickly pranced in joy to one of the warm grey stalls.

I peered underneath the doors as I did my business and I realized that I was the only one in there,” Dominique said.

“Then BAM went the metal trash can, rolling on the floor by the sinks.

Nobody had touched it…

Then I heard this soft, low voice, as if someone were trying to speak with me, but under a layer of water.


I cried out, feeling very freaked out and very vulnerable at that moment.

And then the female voice was back, but it was loud, echoing all around me,” she said with a frown.

“I still couldn’t make out what it said, but it was so angry, I felt like it wanted to cause me harm.

“I flew out of there.

I have been to other concerts in Santa Ana since then, but now whenever I visit the Yost, I find a bathroom with people in it these days.”