Davis CA: Ghost With Auburn Hair At Old City Hall

The year 1938 was a doozie for the state of California.

Cheeseburgers were considered a fad, something to disappear soon.

In one county, a woman was arrested for wearing slacks to a court hearing.

And, of course, there was the Great Depression going on.

Davis CA: Ghost With Auburn Hair At Old City Hall

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Updated 2/10/2020 – In the growing city of Davis, CA – which started out life as a community under the name Davisville, but was eventually shortened – life still had a pretty rural feel to it.

Davis was, after all, a city that grew out of a farming community in the nineteenth century.

By 1938, they had finally built themselves a town hall.

And nearly a century later, it seems that that place is haunted.

The Haunted Historic Town Hall Of Davis, CA.

According to local sources, a terrifying ghost with auburn hair haunts the women’s restroom.

Although she always vanishes if and when she reaches the second stall in the bathroom (it is presumed that perhaps this stall is the location of her death, although no one seems to know or have any solid evidence), it is the action she commits before doing so that has people flustered.

Ghost In The Bathroom

According to local sources, a terrifying ghost with auburn hair haunts the women's restroom of the old city hall in Davis, CA...

Photo credit: deviantart/g-p-photography

“I saw her on two separate occasions; once in 1953 – when I was much, much younger of course (and still looking good for the boys, I can tell you) – and once just a few years ago,” says Mildred, an 86 year-old retiree who claims she doesn’t go near the place anymore.

“She didn’t look a day older the second time I saw her than she did the first time, and the thing she did was just as nasty and scary as it had been before.”

I prompt her, ask her what that thing was.

“She looked right at me and smiled,” Mildred says, and her aged and lined face looks pale.

“She said, ‘Maybe now someone else can believe that I mean business.’

She said it all cheery-like, with a smile, both times.

Then she reached right up with those long red fingernails, and pulled her own face right off as she backed toward the stall.

Then she disappeared.

I screamed the first time, and it took me years to convince myself that it had just been a dream or a hallucination.

But after seeing it the second time, I can tell you it wasn’t either one, and that’s why I don’t go near that place anymore.”

Things To Do In Davis, CA: Visit With Ghosts

Not everyone has seen the redhead do what Mildred saw her do, but a few have.

And the ones who have testify to hearing the same line, or something similar.

What could she mean by this?

Who does she need to take her seriously, and about what?

These are questions without readily obvious answers.

The prevailing theory, again, is that she was murdered in the women’s restroom, but there are no investigations of any kind tied to a murder within the walls of the city hall.

So what really happened?

What could be so bad that the ghost of this woman can re-enact the same horrific event over and over for decades?

“I don’t know, but I have a theory,” says Mildred.

“I don’t think anyone killed her.

I think she killed herself, and I think she wants everyone to know it.”

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