Move to These 7 Small Towns in Southern California If You Love Ghosts

Are you stuck in a rut?

Do you feel like your life is in need of a drastic change in direction?

Consider moving from the predictable trials and tribulations of city and suburban life to check out these unique and charming small towns in Southern California.

Move to These 7 Small Towns In Southern California If You Love The Paranormal

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Updated 2/10/2020 – From surf capitals to weekly trips to botanical gardens, whatever you feel will make you happy, these towns are sure to have—including the occasional ghost or two.

The 7 Best Southern California Towns To Live In If You Love The Paranormal

7) Ventura, California

California hosts Ventura, which has a healthy dose of both nature and the paranormal.


If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced, adventurous lifestyle, look no further than Ventura, California.

Enjoy a day of music and sunshine at the Ventura County Fairgrounds…the annual fair draws a large crowd, and world renowned musicians.

Enjoy films? Schedule a trip to see the Ventura Film Festival.

It’s a full blown red carpet gala that is sure to keep one entertained.

Top off a crazy night by getting your horoscope read by a psychic in the area, or visiting the Majestic Ventura Theater, where big name bands, such as Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, have performed.

Some local residents believe the Majestic became haunted due to a young woman who is said to have died there.

Once in awhile visitors will report seeing her in the crowd during an especially loud show.

6) Wrightwood, California

This suspended bridge in Wrightwood, California is absolutely terrifying when it's dark outside.


Wrightwood is the ideal location for any ski enthusiast.

Not only does this cozy little town provide a place away from the busyness of ordinary life, but it provides a wonderful escape into nature to boot.

Hike in the summer months, and ski at the Mountain High Resort in the neighboring town, Big Pines.

Interested in the paranormal?

Be sure to check out the historic resort cabins that are scattered throughout downtown.

These cabins were built in the 1930s, and some residents have said they are haunted.

Objects have been seen moving by themselves in a couple of the houses, accompanied by the sound of repeated whispers.

5) Claremont, California

Claremont is home to old buildings like this courthouse, and some of the strangest sightings in all of California.


Find yourself wishing to travel back in time?

I suggest scoping out Claremont this coming spring as a potential place to move.

The town’s historic Claremont Village will make you feel like you woke up in a different time period.

Keep exploring and eventually you’ll get to the Folk Music Center Store and Museum.

They hold a folk music festival every spring, in homage to this genre of music.

Or instead, enjoy a peaceful day at the John Rodman Arboretum, and the luscious flowers at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

Interested in the spooky? Some recent visitors have started to describe seeing strange orbs of light throughout downtown.

Unlike headlights, and other typical lights, these silent balls of light have been known to follow people whenever they happen to be out walking alone.

4) Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake is a beautiful place to camp and enjoy California's amazing nature, but keep an eye out for paranormal visitors.


Want every weekend to feel like a beach weekend?

Big Bear Lake is the largest recreational lake in all of southern California.

Enjoy days of fishing and boating.

Not a fan of water sports?

No problem!

Enjoy a vigorous round of hiking, biking and horse riding instead.

Want to spend time on the slopes?

Check out the two local ski resorts.

Music fans in town have recently stated that the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival draws some paranormal anomalies every year.

Some guests have felt an increase in their paranoia.

They felt that they were always being watched by something in the corners of the room as they attended the festival.

3) Oak Glen, California

Glen Oak is a nice place to visit alone, or with friends, or with family. It's also a good place to go if you're trying to encounter a spirit.

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Itching for some good old fashioned fun for the whole family?

Enjoy the many charms of Oak Glen.

Los Rios Rancho is a century old ranch, and is the largest historical apple ranch in all of southern California.

After you stroll through the lush fields picking apples, enjoy a hike and a picnic on the grounds.

Top off the day with some homemade apple pie and fresh pressed warm apple cider.

Every once in awhile a visitor will speak of something evil lingering in the woods outside the ranch.

Nobody’s quite sure what the entity is…all they know is that they had a tendency of experiencing minor seizures in the three months that followed attending an event.

2) Redlands, California

Redlands California is famous for many things, but lesser-known are their countless encounters with unexplained entities.


Have a penchant for cars? Move to Redlands during the month of May.

You’ll get to experience the annual fun of the Redlands Firefighter’s Car Show, held in the heart of downtown.

Enjoy a day of limitless shopping at the Citrus Plaza, as well as the large Redlands Mall.

Are the kids bored?

Be sure to take them to Pharaoh’s Adventure Park.

This twenty-acre theme park includes a large water park, go karts, mini golf and bumper cars.

Want to do a little ghost hunting while on vacation?

Look no further than the Hangar 24 Craft Brewery.

According to a family of recent tourists, they saw one of their glasses of beer fly off the table for no apparent reason.

While the incident itself was small, the family was frightened enough to get several psychic readings by phone to determine what might happen to them next.

1) San Clemente, California

In California, few places are such hotbeds for both surfing and ghost encounters as San Clemente.


Take a look at your bucket list.

Is there anything on there about surfing?

If so, then you should definitely consider moving to San Clemente.

This ocean town is considered one of the best surfing destinations in the world.

This opinion is so universal, several surf-oriented publications, such as Surfing Magazine and Longboard Magazine, call San Clemente home.

Enjoy life on the beach as you bump elbows with professional surfers, and surfboard crafters.

Some surfers in training will speak of an unseen force that grabbed their ankles in the water.

Some have reported looking down and seeing what appears to be a hand clasped around their ankle.

While a frightening experience, nobody has felt that their lives are in danger…yet.

Have you visited or lived in any of these towns?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.