Student Saved by Compassionate Spirit at Broward College in Davie

In 2002, tragedy struck Broward Community College in Davie, Florida.

Twenty year old Moriah Pierce was shot to death on campus, by her ex-boyfriend.

Michael Holness and Moriah had dated for a year before the student decided to terminate the relationship.

Student Saved by Compassionate Spirit at Broward College in Davie

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The Murder-Suicide in Davie

Updated 2/10/2020 – Michael had always been known as a quiet guy, but everything seemed to change when the breakup occurred.

It was a Friday morning when Michael ventured onto campus, found Moriah outside of building five, and proceeded to shoot her in the back of the head.

Immediately after Moriah collapsed, Michael turned the gun on himself and shot.

Since that fateful day, many students have reported uneasiness whenever they are near the location where Moriah and Michael died.

According to school gossip, strange smells and misty white figures have been seen near building 5.

Many students at Broward are unnerved by these experiences, but for an anonymous former student who we’ll refer to as “Ashley” from here on out, it provides a strange sense of comfort.


Because Ashley is convinced Moriah saved her from the same fate.

“The murder-suicide happened a couple years before I started taking classes at Broward, but people still talked about it, especially the upperclassmen,” Ashley informed us.

“Davie is such a safe place, and everyone said Moriah was such a nice person, nobody ever saw it coming.

“The school year was just underway when I began to date a junior, who I will also keep anonymous,” Ashley said.

“He was an athlete, very popular at school, and I kept thinking about how lucky I was that he had started dating me, a lowly freshman.

“But as the weeks progressed, I noticed that he had… a bit of a violent streak.”

The Late Night Guardian

As her ghost leaned forwards, only her arms were visible.

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“There were so many times he would just blow up at me for no reason,” she added, looking disappointed.

“Still, I considered myself lucky.

“Until one night we met up after my evening class.

“We had an argument, and he struck me across the jaw.

“I ran away in tears, and I knew I had to end the relationship.

“I walked around campus for an hour after that, trying to think of what I would say to break up with him.

“I wound up near building 5, and I saw the outline of someone, standing in the shadows.

“Before I could say anything, the apparition came closer, so everything was still in shadow but her hands,” Ashley gestured.

“’Ashley’ the girl whispered.

“’Yes, who are you?’ I replied, my voice trembling.

“’He hit you, Ashley’ the girl said.

“’Y-yes’ I answered, crying all over again.

‘He will do it again.’

‘He will hit you again and again, until you aren’t Ashley anymore.’

“Her words terrified me, but somehow I knew she was sorry for me.

“’What do I do?’ I begged her.

“’Call the police…they will know what to do…’ the spirit answered.

“And she walked back into the dark and disappeared,” Ashley said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“The next day, I contacted the police and filed a restraining order against my boyfriend.

“He already had a record, so he never bothered me after that.

“I graduated many years ago, and moved out of Davie…

“…But I’ll never forget what Moriah did for me that day.”


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