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Déjà Vu Dreams: What They Mean (And Why You Have Them!)

Have you ever been in a situation that felt familiar but you couldn’t figure out why? Everyone has experienced déjà vu at some point in their lives. This can happen when you visit a new place, when an interaction feels familiar, or when a situation reminds you of something else – but you can’t figure […]

7 Unmistakable Indigo Children Traits (Truth Revealed)

Indigo Children are the eldest of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children, and they are easily distinguished from their descendants. Although most were born in the 1970s or 1980s, Indigo Children may be of any age. The key difference between the Indigos and the Crystal Children is in temperament. When the Indigo Children arrived, the […]

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Recognize Crystal Children (Truth Revealed!)

Crystal Children followed the generation of Indigo Children. Where the Indigos broke down barriers and overthrew authority, Crystal Children followed to build peace gardens and new ways of both living and being so we might all live in a better world. Unlike their predecessors, Crystal Children do not burn with an eternal fire or move […]

Can Babies See Spirits? (Discover the Truth Now)

The question of “can babies see spirits?” is one of much debate. A baby can’t describe what he or she is seeing, so it’s up to adults to interpret what babies see. For all we know, they could be viewing a completely different world from that of adults. What we do know is that adult […]

The Five Universal Rules of Divine Timing (Discover the Truth)

Did you know that right now at this moment you are exactly where you need to be? Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, you are at the right point on your path. The one in charge of helping you get there? The universe. Time is divine, but it is also tricky. While we think […]

6 Real Signs of Life After Death (Proves Your Loved Ones are in Heaven)

After a loved one passes, people try to comfort others by saying that they’re loved one is in a better place and can still watch you from above. But, it’s normal to want some solid proof of life after death when a loved one passes. The following signs of life after death could give you […]

7 Simple Steps to Ground Yourself Spiritually (Instant Results!)

Staying grounded is essential to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When you learn how to ground yourself through special grounding techniques, you’ll feel more connected with the Earth, nature, and your surroundings. Grounding yourself also helps relieve stress and anxiety by keeping you in the present moment. Now get ready, because you’re about to […]

Rainbow Children Traits and Their Real Purpose (Truth Revealed!)

Have you ever wondered, “What’s a rainbow baby or child?” in the spiritual world? If so, you’ll benefit from this article, which will help you understand their characteristics and importance. Rainbow Children are a generation of Star Children who have come to the physical world to help humanity in its spiritual evolution. Children of the […]

What Is Cosmic Ordering (and How to Use It!)

Spaceology, visualization, manifestation, the power of positive thinking. These are all examples of cosmic ordering. Cosmic ordering is a powerful force in the universe and one that almost anyone can tap into and use. But what is cosmic ordering? How can you use it? Does it really work? These are all questions many people ask […]

10 Amazing Crystals That Will Boost Your Confidence Right Now

Life can be difficult without confidence. You may find yourself unable to comfortably assert yourself and obtain the type of life you desire. One effective solutions is to use crystals for confidence. Now get ready, because you’re about to discover how to do exactly that – and get a life you love! – Updated 2/11/2020 […]

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