6 Real Signs of Life After Death (Proves Your Loved Ones are in Heaven)

If you want to learn about signs of life after death, you're in the right place.

If you want to learn about signs of life after death, you’re in the right place.

After a loved one passes, people try to comfort others by saying that they’re loved one is in a better place and can still watch you from above.

But, it’s normal to want some solid proof of life after death when a loved one passes.

The following signs of life after death could give you some peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have moved on from the physical world.

– Updated 2/11/2020

6 Ways Your Loved Ones In Heaven Are Trying to Contact You

1) Visions of Loved Ones

Many of the signs of life after death that you may experience after a loved one passes are forms of spirit communication by your loved ones in heaven.

About 60% of grieving people admit to having detailed, clear visions of loved ones after they pass, but they often don’t mention them to others for fear of ridicule.

However, spiritual experts believe that powerful visions of your loved one can indicate that they’re trying to communicate with you from their world.

In fact, watch this video to see how scientists may have proven life after death exists:

There are different types of visions that you might experience, such as seeing orbs of light or outlines of the person in photographs, seeing detailed visions in your mind as you daydream, or experiencing realistic visions where the person appears to be in front of you.

2) Familiar Smells

Smelling a familiar scent, such as smoke, that’s attached to your loved one in some way is one of the most prominent signs from heaven that your loved one is near.

It’s common to get a quick whiff of the person’s favorite flower or her signature perfume, even when doors or windows to a room are closed.

Think about the scents that remind you of your loved one.

It could be a blanket that he always used or the signature smell of his home.

Familiar scents in the air? It may be a sign from a loved one.

Familiar scents in the air? It may be a sign from a loved one.

When your loved one wants to let you know that he’s near, he might present that smell to you occasionally.

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3) Comforting Touch

When you’re looking for signs from the afterlife, you usually don’t have to look far.

Sometimes, the subtlest experiences can leave a significant sign behind.

Your loved one may even be able to communicate with you through light, comforting touches.

Some people experience a sense that their loved one is in the room with them, either through a strong sense of intuition, sensing an aura, or feeling hot or cold spots.

Others might even feel a physical touch on their arm or shoulder or a passing, tingling sensation on their skin.

4) Vivid Dreams

Your loved one might choose to send you signs of life after death through your dreams.

Lucid dreams are one of the most common indicators of psychic ability because, experts believe, that dreams provide a medium through which spirits can communicate with others.

If you experience colorful, detailed dreams of your deceased loved ones, it could be more than your brain’s way of helping you keep their memories alive.

They could be communicating with you through your dreams to let you know they’re okay, happy, and healthy.

If you're experiencing vivid lucid dreams, a loved one may be sending you signs from heaven.

If you’re experiencing vivid lucid dreams, a loved one may be sending you signs from heaven.

It’s common to wake up feeling at peace or emotional after experiencing a vivid dream in which your loved one was communicating with you.

5) Movement of Significant Objects

Have you walked into your bedroom and noticed that your flower vase that holds your late mother’s favorite flowers was in a different place on your windowsill than before?

It’s likely not your imagination but instead could have been your mom’s way of letting you know that she’s still very much alive in a different way.

One of the ways spirits can communicate with the physical world is by getting our attention.

Sometimes, that’s through turning lights off and on or moving objects.

Most of the time, a spirit will choose to move something of significance that they know will grab your attention and signify that they’re involved.

6) Communicating Through Others

Rather than interacting with the environment, some spirits will choose to communicate with you through mediums, or people who can relay information to you from a spirit.

If you haven’t yet had any physical signs of communication, or are unsure if what you’ve experienced is a sign, you should consider speaking to a psychic medium.

Mediums have specific skills that can give you signs of life after death, including relaying personal messages from your loved ones after they pass.