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Signs From Loved Ones in Heaven? (5 Ways To Know For Sure)

While many people remain skeptic about the existence of an afterlife, the fact remains that there is some credible evidence that points to some after-life experience. Researchers have long been trying to prove that heaven exists through near-death experiences, but anecdotal evidence hasn’t been enough to convince the masses. Despite the lack of scientific agreement, […]

White Light Protection: What It Is & How to Use It (Truth Revealed!)

If you want to protect yourself from as much negative energy as possible, you’ll want to learn about white light protection. Meditating to create a white light boundary will protect your aura from interference and influence from the negativity of the world. Ahead, we’ll give you a rundown on what you need to know about […]

What is Astrology and How Does it Work? (Discover the Truth Now!)

Are you fascinated with the stars and celestial bodies of the night sky? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Men and women since the dawn of time have looked to the heavens as a source of guidance and inspiration. The stars and plants provide significant information on the future of your life. Astrology is the […]

How Spiritual Health Affects Mental and Physical Wellbeing

If it wasn’t already clear, an individual’s spiritual needs change over the course of a lifetime. But according to a Gallup poll, 69 percent of respondents noted that they want to experience spiritual growth in their daily lives. While most Americans rely on their faith and spirituality for deeper meaning in their lives, this internal […]

Dog Afterlife: 4 Signs Your Best Friend Is Reaching Out To You

Spotting the signs of an animal spirit was something hardly spoken of in decades past. However, more and more pet owners now share their similar experiences with best friends reaching out from the dog afterlife. From once harsh skeptics to the everyday believer, pet visitations are a common occurrence amongst many. Think your recently lost […]

Spiritual Alignment: What It Is & How To Get It (Truth Revealed!)

Have you ever wondered why some people look like they have everything figured out? You may think they’re just pretending, but they’re not. These are likely people who are experiencing spiritual alignment. They’re living life on a path set forth by the universe, and are reaping the benefits of their concentration. Ahead, we’ll give you […]

5 Signs You’re Having a True Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening takes place in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. Some people experience an awakening, also known as enlightenment, suddenly and without warning, often without even aiming to achieve it. For others, such enlightenment comes more slowly. Building over years with hard work and lots of effort thrown into the process. No matter how […]

How to Communicate with Spirits (in 5 Simple Steps!)

Communicating with spirits and other higher beings is a truly exciting experience. But it’s not something you should rush into. Rather, you should take your time, understand the entire process, and then ease into it slowly. Failing to do so can not only lead to an unfulfilling experience, or a failure to achieve actual communication, […]

Visual Snow? Discover the True Spiritual Meaning Behind It

Have you ever heard of the visual snow spiritual phenomenon? If you haven’t, have you ever suddenly seen static in your field of vision? With the help of the internet, it turns out that hundreds of people experience this strange change in vision temporarily, but not many know what it really means. – Updated 2/11/2020 […]

Spirit Guide Names and Their True Meanings (Truth Revealed!)

Everyone has at least one spiritual guide in their life, whether they know it or not! This helper, or helpers, works with you throughout your lifetime to send you on a better path. Often, they attempt to communicate with us and let us know they are nearby. Some guides can come and go; others stick […]

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