7 Simple Steps to Ground Yourself Spiritually (Instant Results!)

Ready to discover how to ground yourself?

Ready to discover how to ground yourself?

Staying grounded is essential to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

When you learn how to ground yourself through special grounding techniques, you’ll feel more connected with the Earth, nature, and your surroundings.

Grounding yourself also helps relieve stress and anxiety by keeping you in the present moment.

Now get ready, because you’re about to discover…

– Updated 2/11/2020

How to Ground Yourself to Better Overall Health

1) Meditate

Meditation should be your first stop in learning how to ground yourself.

Emotional stress can take as much of a toll on your physical health as it does your emotional health, but meditation can help alleviate it.

Meditation takes the focus off other things and back on you, your body, and your mind.

Meditation is an important part of grounding yourself.

Meditation is an important part of grounding yourself. Photo: Lucia Puertas

When you meditate, you concentrate on your body and its energy.

Keep your focus on the way your feet touch the floor and imagine yourself as a tree, rooting itself into the Earth below.

2) Use Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals can be helpful for grounding you within your everyday environment.

You can place them throughout your home, especially in areas where you need extra creativity and concentration, like a home office.

Hematite stone is one of the most famous grounding stones because of the powerful energy it emits.

Hematite can help you feel more centered, relaxed, and focused, ridding the body of stress and anxiety.

Jasper is another popular stone that can leave you feeling energized.

You can wear crystals and stones in jewelry, too, to take their calming and connecting effects with you throughout the day.

3) Take a Walk in Nature

A nature walk is a natural stress reliever.

A nature walk is a natural stress reliever.

Mindful walking plays a significant role in stress relief and getting you reconnected with nature.

The key, though, is to walk in nature barefoot. You want to feel the Earth, whether that’s the dirt and leaves on a woodsy path or the sand on a local beach.

The Earth’s energy can reenergize you and help you feel more connected to nature.

Unfortunately, shoes and socks provide a barrier between you and that energy.

At least once each day, get outside in your bare feet for a few minutes to feel the Earth.

4) Take a Salt Bath

Natural salts, like sea salt or Himalayan salt, have healing properties that can do amazing things, like neutralize acids and toxins, promote healthy cells, and relieve aches and pains.

In a spiritual and grounding sense, natural salts can wash away negative energy to give you a clean slate.

Add a cup of natural salt to your warm bath water and relax for 20 minutes or so to replenish your energy and clear your mind.

5) Change Your Diet

Be mindful of what you eat.

Be mindful of what you eat.

Keep a food journal of everything you eat for a few days.

Do you notice a lot of sugars and processed foods?

If so, it’s time to transform your diet into one that gets you reconnected with nature and feeling more grounded.

Eat more of what grows from the ground, like root vegetables and leafy greens.

Not only are they rich in vitamins and nutrients, but they’ll also give you some extra grounding energy that you need to feel more connected to the Earth.

6) Transform the Way You Sleep

Sleeping on Earthing sheets or using Earthing mats while you work from your desk during the day can displace the human-made magnetic field your body gets from electricity and keep you more connected to the Earth.

Earthing products are made with organic, conductive materials that move the Earth’s energy from the ground to your body, bypassing the human-made electric field.

Exercise, even low impact varieties, are critical to your spiritual well-being.

Exercise, even low impact varieties, are critical to your spiritual well-being.

Sleeping on Earthing sheets every night can reconnect your body to the Earth daily, essentially clearing any negative and artificial energy from your body.

7) Get Physical

Exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your mind, body, and soul.

Staying active makes you move your body, which can refocus your energy, clear your mind, and help you stay grounded.

There are plenty of grounding exercises that can get you feeling grounded more quickly than others.

Yoga, for example, improves your balance and center of gravity to make you feel more physically and mentally grounded in your environment.

However, anything that gets your body moving can aid your grounding.

Take a walk, play with your kids, or dance to your favorite song!

Additional Grounding Techniques

If you’d like to see more tips for grounding yourself, watch this video: