Can Babies See Spirits? (Discover the Truth Now)

Can babies see spirits? The truth may surprise you.

Can babies see spirits? The truth may surprise you.

The question of “can babies see spirits?” is one of much debate.

A baby can’t describe what he or she is seeing, so it’s up to adults to interpret what babies see.

For all we know, they could be viewing a completely different world from that of adults.

What we do know is that adult humans don’t see the world as it really is.

Our reality is nothing but a perception our brain concocts for us on a daily basis.

When babies are born, they are much closer to the spirit world than adults, which suggest they can see the world with literal fresh eyes.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Infants Don’t See What We See

Before we dive into anything supernatural, we’ll stick to the grounded evidence.

Babies simply don’t see the world the same way adults do.

Over the years, the outside world conditions our brains to see things that aren’t really there.

Watch the video below.

Our brains add color based on what should be there.

This happens all day every day, and only reveals itself to us when we look at optical illusions.

Our brains are constantly making tiny adjustments that change the way we see the world around us.

Newborn babies don’t have this filter.

Their brains aren’t yet conditioned to see the world a certain way, and therefore interpret reality as it exists – with no interference from the conditioned brain.

This ability to see the real reality only lasts for around five months, according to researchers.

During this time, though, babies have the opportunity to see all sorts of things adults can’t.

If that’s the case, can babies see spirits?

Well, if anyone could, it would certainly be babies.

Near-Death Experiences

Whereas most people only touch the spirit realm during a near-death experience, babies are always in contact with it.

Whereas most people only touch the spirit realm during a near-death experience, babies are always in contact with it. Photo: flickr/Dino Kužnik

Since babies can’t tell us what they see, we have to rely on speculation over concrete evidence heavily.

The closest adults can get to the spiritual realm is through near-death experiences, but those who have come back from the dead can describe what they experienced – at least to a degree.

Many people who suffered a near-death experience have some form of spiritual contact on the other side.

They’ll see dead loved ones or completely strange spirits – and some have even reported seeing a “guardian angel” type figure around them.

Birth and death are two sides of the same coin, so it makes sense that those close to either will be the most attached to the spiritual world.

A large percentage of the people who experience a near-death event come away with less fear, more spiritual intuition, and a more childlike outlook on life.

This fact comes as no surprise, as these people are reborn in a sense.

Since adults who come close to death often express a child-like wonder of the world, it makes sense that newborn babies will be equally connected to the spiritual realm.

Signs Your Baby Sees Spirits

There are unmistakable signs when your baby is in touch with other side.

There are unmistakable signs when your baby is in touch with other side.

Although many parents seem to ignore the signs that babies see spirits, they are present in almost every newborn.

Have you ever tried to get a baby’s attention, only to see him or her laughing at something invisible in the corner of the room?

This phenomenon is all too common, though most people credit it to “babies being babies.”

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your baby is seeing a spirit manifesting itself:

  • The baby looks fascinated by something you can’t see
  • The baby is giggling while completely alone
  • You can’t get the babies attention away from a particular area of the room
  • The baby is laughing or smiling at something you can’t see
  • You get the feeling of being watched while alone with a baby

Babies Are Inherently Connected to the Spiritual World

Can babies see spirits?

We may never be able to prove it, but if you’ve experienced one of the signs they’re hard to ignore.

If you’ve ever seen the way, a baby looks off into space, as if they’re staring at something engaging that you can’t see, you get the sense that these little humans can see spirits.

Babies can see the true world that most of the rest of us cannot.

They aren’t yet constricted by their brain’s conditioning, which allows them to transition from the spiritual realm to the physical realm.

Yes, babies can most likely see spirits, so pay attention the next time yours takes an interest in something that isn’t visible to you.