6 Sure-Fire Ways to Recognize Crystal Children (Truth Revealed!)

You're about to discover the truth about Crystal Children.

You’re about to discover the truth about Crystal Children.

Crystal Children followed the generation of Indigo Children.

Where the Indigos broke down barriers and overthrew authority, Crystal Children followed to build peace gardens and new ways of both living and being so we might all live in a better world.

Unlike their predecessors, Crystal Children do not burn with an eternal fire or move with force through crowds.

It is peace and possibility that inspire them and attract the rest of us to them.

How will we recognize the Crystal Children?

Here are a few ways:

Updated 2/11/2020

6 Easy Ways To Recognize Crystal Children

1) Their Eyes Will Pierce Your Soul

The first thing you’ll notice about their physical body is their eyes.

Their large eyes will not be clouded with the ambiguity of the generations but will instead be clear and reflective of their open hearts and love for both people and the planet.

The clearness in their eyes will hypnotize you, but you will not be afraid.

Instead, their eyes will lock with your soul, and you’ll allow them to see you as you’ve never been seen before.

2) You’ll Like a Crystal Child Just Meeting Them

Crystal Children are immediately likable.

You’ll know you like them before you even meet them and in fact, you’ll be drawn to them.

As a being of love, they will attract others, both likeminded and not, to them.

Your desire to be near them may seem inexplicable, but it is their warmth and pure humanity that make a Crystal Child’s inner circle the place to be.

3) You Can Feel Their Presence

All humans send off energies.

Some are weaker than others while some are either overtly positive or overtly negative.

Crystal Children are also vibrational beings, and you will feel them and the sense of affection they radiate before you hear or see them.

These effects are in part because a Crystal Child is made of pure love, but it is also because they are telepathic communicators and their messages are thus strengthened.

In fact, maybe you’re one and don’t know it. This video will help you find out:

4) They Ride Bikes, Take the Bus, and Share Rides to Protect the Earth

Crystal Children love the planet and want to protect and nourish it as best they can.

You’ll recognize one out in the world because they will ride their bike, take the bus, or participate in ride shares as their way of doing their part to protect the planet.

Crystal children want to protect and preserve the earth as much as possible.

Crystal children want to protect and preserve the earth as much as possible.

Have you seen a young man ride a bike into their local business and store it behind the counter?

You’ve met a Crystal Child.

Not sure if they’re a Crystal Child or just unable to find parking?

Look for reusable to-go coffee cups, reusable tote bags, and evidence that they shop local and you’ll certainly have found a Crystal Child.

5) They Eat Special Diets

Crystal Children have a finely tuned frequency that inspires compassion and forgiveness at all times.

It transforms them into animal lovers who choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle from an early age because they can’t bear the idea of contributing to suffering in the world.

The same frequency that spreads compassion also affects their immune system: they have a greater number of allergies and are more likely to have food intolerances.

They’ll also go out of their way to avoid processed foods especially those from large, multi-national manufacturers.

Maybe you recognize a Crystal Child among you already, but if you don’t their lunch order is almost a sure giveaway.

6) They Are Governed by Internal Forces – Not External Ones

Children of the crystal have ancient souls.

Children of the crystal have ancient souls.

Where Indigo Children use their energy to buck external forces, Crystal Children focus entirely on their internal forces.

These internal forces are reinforced by their ancient soul – they were born older and wiser than we could hope to be in a lifetime.

As children, they feel restricted by their immature bodies, but they’re patient enough to make it through their younger years unscathed.

Still, don’t expect to tell a Crystal Child how to run their lives at any age.

They’ll always know themselves better than you can know them.

Is There a Crystal Child in Your Life?

Crystal Children bring both light and depth into the world, and their magnetism means you’ll know when you meet one.

Are you a Crystal Child?

Do you know one?

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