The Five Universal Rules of Divine Timing (Discover the Truth)

Learning how Divine Timing works will instantly improve your life.

Learning how Divine Timing works will instantly improve your life.

Did you know that right now at this moment you are exactly where you need to be?

Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, you are at the right point on your path.

The one in charge of helping you get there?

The universe.

Time is divine, but it is also tricky.

While we think we understand the idea of time, it is a reality that we have created to organize our lives.

Universal timing works on another level that can be hard to understand if you don’t take the opportunity to look around.

To better understand not only the idea of divine timing but also the way it works, learning a few universal rules can be helpful.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What Is Divine Timing?

Before diving into the rules of divine timing, here is a quick description.

Divine timing is the belief that everything that happens in your life occurs at precisely the right moment.

The universe is here to take care of you and will never put you in a place that you can’t handle.

You can also look at divine timing as the way the universe manifests your dreams and goals in its own way.

It might not always look the way you pictured, and it might not always be what you imagined, but it has happened just as it should.

Because divine timing can feel like you are losing control of your life, learning a few of the rules can help you live in the present and be excited about the future.

Here a video about the Divine Timing signs the Universe gives you:

Universal Rules of Divine Timing

Try not to think of these as hard and fast rules but more of a guide on your way to accepting divine timing.

This is a tricky concept and one that can take time to hone and use, so don’t try to rush.

1) Learn Patience

Patience is perhaps the hardest and the most important rule to embrace when it comes to divine timing.

It can be difficult to accept that the universe will give you what you want when you need it and patience can be elusive.

If you do feel impatient, really examine that emotion.

You might find that your impatience is hiding other emotions such as fear or jealousy or maybe even pressure from outside forces.

Take time to slow down and examine why you want the world to hurry up to meet your needs.

You might find useful insight as well as the path to patience.

2) Don’t Get Attached to Time

Time is always moving and changing.

Life is always in flux, but it can be hard to see that.

When we cling to the past or the way things used to be, we have a challenging time accepting universal timing.

Try to let go of what once was and embrace what could be because that’s where divine timing lives.

Do not cling to the past.

Do not cling to the past.

3) Examine Discomfort

On the way to manifesting your dreams, the universe might expose uncomfortable areas of your life.

Usually because this is a time when we need to look deep within ourselves and grow.

Don’t hide from any discomfort life brings your way because that is the perfect time to develop.

Resisting things, such as painful or uncomfortable areas of our life, only hinders our acceptance of the universe’s timing.

When possible negative emotions or situations arise, don’t run away but sift through them carefully, you might be surprised at what happens.

4) Try Not to Plan

If you are someone that plans every moment of your day, this is going to be a harsh rule to accept.

While you might be able to design things to a certain degree, the right timing for everything happens when the universe wants.

Sure, you can plan to become a doctor after you finish school, but ultimately, the universe will guide you down the right path for you.

Maybe that means becoming a doctor, or perhaps the world needs you to become a healer or maybe a spiritual healer of different sorts.

Watch this video to see if you’ve tapped into Diving Timing:

No matter what, be open to the idea that your plans could change, and it might be for the better.

5) Don’t Attach Yourself to an Outcome

The universe wants to help you.

The universe wants to help you.

This is another hard concept to enact but one that can help you move towards a better understanding and appreciation of divine timing.

When you are in the middle of any situation, try not to attach yourself to an outcome, whatever it may be.

It can be hard to not attach to an outcome.

Especially when it comes to dealing with dating, relationships, or love.

But remember, everything happens on the universe’s watch.

Where you end up with your current partner isn’t always up to you.

Trusting that the universe has your back will make it much easier.