7 Unmistakable Indigo Children Traits (Truth Revealed)

Ready to discover these real Indigo Children traits?

Ready to discover these real Indigo Children traits?

Indigo Children are the eldest of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children, and they are easily distinguished from their descendants.

Although most were born in the 1970s or 1980s, Indigo Children may be of any age.

The key difference between the Indigos and the Crystal Children is in temperament.

When the Indigo Children arrived, the world needed to change, but it required a warrior generation to champion those changes.

Indigos serve as that champion and beat back antiquated systems that no longer or never served people and create systems based on integrity.

Tearing down structures and building them anew requires a fiery temperament.

It requires an ability to channel anger into a productive space that destroys but is also capable of rebuilding.

Are you an Indigo Child?

Find out with these seven Indigo Children traits:

– Updated 2/11/2020

7 Qualities Indigo Children Share (And How to Recognize Them)

1) You Were Born at Exactly the Right Time

Indigo Children are self-assured and see the world differently than most.

Indigo Children are self-assured and see the world differently than most.

Do you feel as though you were destined to be born in this era?

Does that confidence empower and embolden you even though you can’t fully explain its source?

The source of that confidence stems from the fact that you – as an Indigo Child – are destined to be right here, right now, exactly as you are.

2) You See the World Differently

Indigo Children are born with the self-assurance found only in those much older and wiser than they are.

But your confidence comes from your ability to see the world differently from your peers and previous generations.

You perceive more than what is happening around you but also what is above and below you and even that which others hide from you.

If everyone else could see what you see and had your powers of perception, many of the world’s problems would vanish.

3) Authority Means Nothing to You

Don’t believe your teachers, parents, or boss just because society says they have the authority?

This is another one of the indigo children traits that are often noted.

You don’t buck trends just because you can.

You have ideas of your own, and no one is going to tell you that you’re wrong based on what they perceive as authority.

Some may describe you as a rebel.

Others just see you as a critic.

But you’re more than that – you’re an Indigo Child, and you’re here to overthrow the Man.

4) Being A Rebel Makes You a Loner

Few cause great change without alienating people, and even though you know you’re precisely where you need to be, you’re not one to run with the herd.

While others are willing to compromise to fit in, you’re not one of them.

You won’t dedicate energy to those who don’t share your values or your fight, especially those who think your very existence is ‘too much.’

Being a rebel makes you a loner, and sometimes you may feel like a lost soul as you try to navigate the crowds of those who are content with just getting by, but your confidence reminds you that everything is fine.

5) You Have Psychic Abilities

Do you read people easily and use those readings with the other forces at work to predict what people will say or do?

You’re an Indigo Child, and that comes with psychic abilities.

Your psychic abilities are innate, and you don’t need to develop them.

Do you have an uncanny sense of intuition that borders on psychic ability? If so, you may be an Indigo Child.

Do you have an uncanny sense of intuition that borders on psychic ability? If so, you may be an Indigo Child.

6) You’ve Found Your Passion

Your temperament may be hard for some to handle, but your passion drives you onwards regardless.

Now that you’ve found it, you will not be silenced.

Those who stand in your way best step aside else they are moved by the sheer power of your focus.

7) You Are Creative

Who could perceive so much and not give it back through art?

You find yourself musically and artistically gifted, and it allows you to show the world what you see when your fire might otherwise scare them off.

Indulge in your creative side to find more allies even among those not lucky enough to be born an Indigo Child.

Are You an Indigo Child?

Indigo Children are set to change the world, and their work is not done yet.

If you identify with these indigo children traits, you may now feel more clarity and purpose.

Do you recognize these seven unmistakable traits in yourself? Share your stories in the comments below.