Rainbow Children Traits and Their Real Purpose (Truth Revealed!)

Get ready to discover the truth about Rainbow Children.

Get ready to discover the truth about Rainbow Children.

Have you ever wondered, “What’s a rainbow baby or child?” in the spiritual world?

If so, you’ll benefit from this article, which will help you understand their characteristics and importance.

Rainbow Children are a generation of Star Children who have come to the physical world to help humanity in its spiritual evolution.

Children of the Rainbow have important characteristics to help them carry out their important deeds.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What is a Rainbow Child?

Rainbow Children are the third generation of Star Children, unique people thought to have been sent by God as a gift to the world.

Rainbows are typically born in 2000 or later.

Most of the time, a Rainbow Child is the child of the second generation of Star Children known as the Crystal Children.

Rainbow children are here to serve humankind.

Rainbow children are here to serve humankind.

The Indigo Children are the first generation, who set the stage for younger generations to evolve humanity through determination and compassion.

Rainbow Children come to Earth to put humanity on its new path of forgiveness, sensitivity, and compassion.

Mainly, they are on Earth to serve others and are incredibly spiritual.

How Do They Differ from the Other Star Children?

Indigo Children helped pave the way for the Crystal and Rainbow Children to carry out their deeds.

They are typically stubborn and determined, which helped them get rid of beliefs and governing bodies that didn’t serve humanity adequately.

Crystal Children then followed, beginning to point humanity in the direction it needed to go.

No generation is as spiritual and compassionate as the Rainbow generation, whose sensitivity and giving personality can transform the human race into something better than it’s ever been.

Characteristics of Rainbow Children

Each generation has unique Star Children characteristics, and Rainbow Children are no exception.

In fact, they possess a set of traits unlike either generation before them that can help them bring a new form of consciousness to the world.

Watch this video for more details:

1) Telepathic

Many of the Star Children have telepathic and psychic powers, but the Rainbows tend to be blessed with a heightened sixth sense.

A Rainbow Child can likely feel, see, and predict things that will happen before they do, which could affect his or her communication skills when they’re in their infant and toddler stages.

A rainbow child is good-natured but can be strong-willed.

A rainbow child is good-natured but can be strong-willed.

Telepathy is important for Rainbows to ensure that humanity is heading in the right direction and that the work they’re doing is beneficial for all.

2) Strong-Willed

Parents and caregivers may misjudge a Rainbow Child as stubborn because of his strong will.

But, it’s this intense personality that helps the child carry out the duties he was put on Earth to do.

A Rainbow Child understands how and when he can help someone, even if his actions come across as stubborn when he does it.

3) Compassionate and Helpful

Rainbows are the most humane generation of the Star Children.

They tend to think little about their needs and desires, and instead focus on those of others and what they might be able to do to help.

A Child of the Rainbow may have an abundance of energy.

A Child of the Rainbow may have an abundance of energy.

This is, perhaps, their most important characteristic because it helps them carry out the duties they were put on Earth for.

Through their generosity and compassion, they can help others be more kind and helpful.

4) Energetic

A Child of the Rainbow has an extremely high energy level that people may mistake for hyperactivity.

However, this heightened energy remains consistent throughout the day, rather than jumping up and down. Rainbows tend to sleep less than other children.

The energy level of these children has much to do with their desire to consistently work and help others as if their brain is in a constant state of duty.

5) Forgiving

These special children are known for being peaceful.

These special children are known for being peaceful.

Children of the Rainbow have a balanced emotional state that makes it easy for them to forgive others.

They also come to the Earth as a new being, rather than reincarnated, so they have no emotional ties to the past, nor anything or anyone to hold vengeance toward.

Rainbow Children are here to move things in a new direction, rather than focus on the past, which is why they’re able to forgive so freely.

6) Peaceful and Peace-Searching

A Rainbow Child’s primary mission is to help the world work together in harmony.

Therefore, they always seek out peace in every situation.

You’ll likely find that a Rainbow Child brings peace to the members of your family, drawing them closer together in times of stress or turmoil.