Prepare To Be Horrified: The Haunted Bridge Of Fountain Valley

The Santa Ana River is a 96-mile water body that flows through diverse counties in the state of California.

This river has over 70 bridges and crossings along its long body, but none of these is as daunting as the one haunted bridge in the city of Fountain Valley.

Updated 2/10/2020 – With a population of over 50,000 people, the suburban city of Fountain Valley in Orange County, California is a calm, bedroom-community residential area that has nothing to be worried about… save for its eastern border with the Santa Ana River, and a bridge that might have you running back home when you step on it.

The Ghosts Under This River Trail Bridge

The bridge is not a very long one, and might not be the most aesthetically attractive either.

However, this does not mean it is not special: stories are told about how people have been haunted by supernatural beings at least more than once.

Most of the paranormal activity happens from under the bridge.

Some have heard the voices of men talking and whispering under the wooden planks that are put along the bridge, some other have felt strong, ice-cold winds that don not let them cross at all, forcing them to go across the river from somewhere else.

This does not happen to every person that uses the bridge, as it seems there is something that triggers the presences that haunt the area’s, but no one is sure what it is.

Locals have attributed the spooky happenings to either the spirits of those people who have taken their lives along the years jumping off the bridge, or the ghosts of the native Americans that once inhabited this Californian zone.

The latter one seems to be more popular than the former.

Do Not Come Here Alone

Do Not Cross This Bridge Alone


What is known with certainty is that this bridge is haunted, and that if you are one of the few unfortunate hikers, you will stumble upon a place where non-living beings reside.

A Fountain Valley resident who used to walk along the Santa Ana River’s shoreline explains why he decided to change his walking route not too long ago:

I had earphones on and was listening to music as I usually do when I’m running.

I came onto the bridge and was planning to cross it when it suddenly got very, very cold in a particularly sunny day.

Seconds later I realized the bridge was trembling, and that the planks were violently jumping under my feet.”

He continues, “I stopped in the middle of crossing, scared of falling off to the river, and when I took my ear buds out, I heard this terrible drumming and stomping on the wooden boards along with the gravely voices and sounds of many men”.

The young man was too terrified to find himself trapped on the other side of the bridge in case these presences decided not to let him cross back, so he ran back to the city as fast as he could.

I wanted, for one second, to look under the bridge and see what was causing all this horrible ruckus, but what if there was nothing down there?

That thought terrified me too much”, he laughs.

He has not gone back to this bridge ever since, and recommends everyone to avoid it unless you don’t mind the possibility of being terrified by dead entities.