How To Stop Chafing Between Your Buttocks When You Hike

There are numerous solutions to chafing of the buttocks, some that require prevention, but also cures you can use on the trail.


Got the chafe?

You’re not alone.

Hikers frequently encounter the problem of a painful rash quickly spreading between their cheeks—and we aren’t talking about the ones on their faces.

In this article we discuss what causes this irritable condition, various products and ointments to try out, and also how to stop chafing between buttocks altogether.

Don’t let this problem stop you from enjoying the great outdoors.


Great, read on!

– Updated 2/9/2020

Stop the Chafing Madness

What Causes Chafing Between The Buttocks?

Chafing is a rash-like condition that temporarily affects the skin. When it comes to butt chafing, there are a few varying contributing factors to take into account that causes the issue. While chafing predominately occurs when your skin rubs against itself repeatedly, it can also occur when your skin routinely rubs up against fabric.

According to the medical professionals at Med-Health, an individual’s sweat production, and the amount of salt build-up on the skin can also contribute to one’s likelihood to develop butt chafing.

Butt chafing can happen when an individual is on an extended hike or other form of recreational activity. Tight fitting athletic pants may repeatedly rub against the individual’s fat deposits on their butt. This can cause irritation by itself, however the problem is often made worse because of sweat.

The tight exercise clothes trap in moisture, causing the condition to get steadily worse. Those who are prone to sweating a lot are naturally more prone to butt chafing.

And if you’re thinking about wearing jeans on a hike, just don’t do it.

How to Prevent a Chafed Butt

A woman enjoys the beautiful view on a hiking trip - How To Stop Chafing Between Your Buttocks When You Hike


When it comes to chafed buttocks treatment, everyone wants the quickest solution available. The most important thing to keep in mind in regards to choosing a chafing treatment for your buttocks, is prevention. Specialists at Tandurust have listed numerous quick and easy preventative measures one can take to ensure butt chafing doesn’t happen.

  • Use of Powder – Talcum based powders are great at preventing moisture from getting trapped between one’s butt cheeks during long expeditions. Another option is the use of antiperspirant, spraying it on the affected area. Our favorite spray is Gold Bond No Mess Spray Powder. Our favorite powder is Gold Bond Baby Powder.
  • Daily Hygiene – It goes without saying, but showering and staying clean on a regular basis will help prevent rashes in the future.
  • Lubrication – Using medicated lubricants on areas prone to chafing will greatly reduce the amount of friction between your skin, and the materials of your clothing. Vaseline is our top lubricant choice.
  • Shaving – Keeping potentially affected areas free from hair is a great way to prevent butt chafe. Body hair tends to lock in moisture, which makes you more likely to experience a problem. Our favorite shaver is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.
  • Loose Fitting Clothing – Sometimes, wearing the latest and greatest exercise attire can help motivate an individual to exercise more…but that can come at a hefty price. Often times those fancy, colorful outfits are very tight and form fitting. Unfortunately, lack of sufficient air flow can help cause chafing and irritation. So get some looser, comfortable hiking pants or shorts.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle – Many individuals who suffer from obesity are, unfortunately, more likely to develop butt chafing during physical activity. Maintaining a balanced diet and a regulated fitness regimen are natural remedies for butt chafing. This sounds counter-productive if you’re out doing physical activities like hiking to lose weight, yet the solution to chaffing is to lose weight… In that case, take a look at the other suggestions, and just realize that as you continue on your fitness journey, this problem will improve for you.

How To Cure Chaffed Buttocks While Hiking

Some tips on curing butt chafing while you're hiking.


There are numerous over the counter products that can help treat a chafed butt. But seasoned hikers over at Sectionhiker offer up a couple of little known, unorthodox treatments as well:

  • Special Underwear – Most underwear is made out of cotton, but this is one type of material you want to avoid when it comes to exercise attire. The key is to wear synthetic materials, such as a synthetic base layer, that will not absorb your body’s sweat. We also recommend avoiding modal, rayon, viscose, tencel and bamboo.
  • Using Vaseline – Carrying a small travel pack of Vaseline is a great way to reduce butt chafing discomfort while on the trail. Just coat the infected area with it, and it should greatly reduce friction between your skin and your clothing.
  • Coconut OilCoconut Oil is another great, safe lubricant to use to gently rub into the affected areas. Not only will it prevent discomfort, but it can also keep the chafing from spreading.
  • Manners Aren’t Everything – Everyone tries to look presentable by tucking in their shirts, but this is one rule of etiquette you will want to avoid as you hit the trails. If you tuck in your shirt, sweat can collect at its tails, and can drip into your underwear. Keeping your shirt untucked is an easy measure to use when preventing chaffing.

Final Tips and Thoughts on How to Put a Stop to the Chafe

Looking for other ways to prevent this annoying, and painful problem? A health specialist at Epic Beasts discusses unique ways in which to deal with chafing buttocks so you can carry on with your hike. While he discusses the issue from a work out and bicycling perspective, the many products he discusses are great for distance hikers as well.