6 Sure-fire Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship (Truth Revealed!)

You're about to discover the truth about Karmic relationships.

You’re about to discover the truth about Karmic relationships. Photo: coloredgrey

Karmic relationships sound exotic and maybe even a little exciting.

The truth is that these types of relationships can be anything but easy and can often cause an abundance of emotional pain.

While most people try to avoid a karmic relationship, on their way to finding their soul mate, it’s not uncommon to have at least one or more karmic relationships during one’s lifetime.

Although it can be a tough relationship to handle, it can also tell you a lot about yourself.

Although signs of a karmic connection may be different from one person to the next, here are some sure-fire signs that your relationship is karmic.

One of the interesting things about karmic relationships is that most people wouldn’t wish one on someone else, but almost everyone experiences one and struggles to recognize it or get out of the relationship.

– Updated 10/11/2019

6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Truly Karmic

1) Full Of Negative Emotions

No relationship is perfect, and arguments can be an aspect of a healthy relationship.

If you have more bad days than good with significant other and your relationship seems to be filled with negative emotions and feels toxic, it’s most likely karmic.

Consistent feelings of jealousy and anger towards your partner (or your partner feels towards you) can be a vicious and hurtful cycle.

2) You Experience Fear More Than You Feel Loved

In healthy relationships, love should be almost effortless.

In healthy relationships, love should be almost effortless. Photo: Cristina L. F.

Fear can be a reoccurring feeling in a karmic relationship.

Either your partner can make you feel fearful, or the relationship itself stirs up all the things you are afraid of such as rejection or abandonment.

Rather than calming those fears, your relationship makes them worse.

In most relationships, love should be relatively effortless and shown and felt in many ways.

If your relationship is healthy, you probably never wonder if you’re loved or even have to ask, “Do you love me?”

Karmic ties with another person often bring out the darker sides of yourself, and you may find yourself expressing hatred more than you express love.

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3) Can’t Let Go

People who have a karmic bond with someone they supposedly love often ask themselves why they can’t get out of the relationship, even if they know they deserve better.

Many times, when people enter these types of relationships, they have an intense and instant connection.

They feel driven by destiny and may even mistake the person as their twin flames karma partner.

Although a karmic relationship is often strong, emotional, and even passionate, it becomes dependent and either one or both of the people in the relationship can’t recognize the signs to go.

4) Addictive and Abusive

In addition to being extremely dependent, your relationship may be karmic if there are addictive or abusive behaviors.

If you or your partner have chemical dependency issues or are physically, sexually, or emotionally abuse to one another, you’re in a toxic partnership which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Remember, addiction and abuse come in various forms and while they are not exclusive they are often two factors that work together.

5) Patterned and Tumultuous

People in a Karmic relationship feel an intense and instant connection.

People in a Karmic relationship feel an intense and instant connection. Photo: Iloveart Iloveart

Do all of your relationships, that aren’t very good or healthy, end up following a pattern.

Maybe you go after the same “type,” maybe your zodiac signs aren’t compatible, or your psychic keeps advising against your relationships.

What are you doing wrong?

Look for patterns.

Karmic relationships are on and off again, almost constantly, and are often described as tumultuous.

Most of the time is spent fueling one another’s fires rather than trying to settle down and get comfortable with one another.

If you think you’ve spotted a pattern but aren’t sure, you may want to get a love psychic reading.

6) You Feel Undeserving Of A Healthy Relationship

If you’ve convinced yourself that you’re undeserving of a healthy and happy relationship, you (or your partner) are to blame.

Maybe you’ve had a long string of karmic relationships.

Eventually, once you allow yourself to be in a healthy relationship and learn from the bad, you can allow yourself to become part of a loving and seemingly effortless relationship.

Everyone deserves to be in a relationship with their soulmate, but it may not happen overnight and without hitting some karmic obstacles along the way.

Here’s a brief video that goes into additional detail about karmic relationship signs: