7 Sure-Fire Signs You Are Past Life Lovers (Truth Revealed!)

Past life lovers? Discover the truth now.

Past life lovers? Discover the truth now.

Did you meet someone you already seem to know?

Maybe their everyday gestures are familiar?

Or maybe you can’t shake the feeling that you have a specific memory of that person.

There are plenty of ways to know that this person is a past life lover and possibly here to help you.

Finding this past love can feel intense in both good and bad ways, so you should identify the signs you’ve actually met one before continuing.

Most often, past loves returning to your life mean they are here to teach you a lesson that you haven’t finished learning yet.

Perhaps they started the process in your past life and never got a chance to complete.

You might also need multiple meetings with this person to learn the lesson.

No matter what, this person is meant to be with you at this point.

So how do you know?

Here are just a few tell-tale signs.

– Updated 10/11/2019

7 Real Signs You’ve Met A Lover From A Previous Life

1) You Feel an Instant Connection

After you meet someone that is a possible past life partner, you might feel an intense and instant connection.

You can’t explain it, but you are drawn to this person and share a bond that might not be understood.

This link also feels powerful, and communication and emotion flow easily back and forth.

This video gives more info about the connection you’ll feel:

2) You Can Anticipate Their Moves

A past partner is someone you knew intimately in a previous life, so their gestures, habits, and thoughts are familiar to you.

You might not recognize it at first, but you can almost anticipate what their next words or actions could be.

The feeling is shared by your partner as well, and often you don’t even have to say anything, and they know what you feel.

This is a strong indication you were lovers in a past life.

3) You Feel a Connection Across Distance and Time

Usually, when you are away from someone you love you might feel a certain emptiness.

It might feel like there is a large hole in your life or maybe your soul.

That is not the case with a past life lover.

You feel a connection with them no matter where they are or what they are doing.

They could be in a different city, state, or country and you still sense the same powerful connection you have when you are in the same room.

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4) You Have a Sense of Home When You Are Together

No matter where you go with each other you have a deep sense of home with this partner.

You don’t have to live in the same place or even have a house together, but you are home when you are with this person.

You also feel entirely comfortable around this person.

They accept all your little quirks and habits and never judge so you can be yourself no matter what.

This only further strengthens the feeling of home.

5) You Have Memories Together

Do you feel a connection that seems to transcend space and time? If so, you might be past life lovers.

Do you feel a connection that seems to transcend space and time? If so, you might be past life lovers.

Shared memories are a strong sign of a past life connection, especially when you remember the exact same thing.

Maybe you both remember being together at an event in your past lives or of a trip where you first met.

All these memories from past experiences carry over into each life you have lived with this individual.

6) You Have No Problem Sharing Anything and Everything

It’s natural to slowly get to know someone new and gradually share about yourself.

But that isn’t the case when it comes to past life lovers.

Almost from the start, you share anything and everything.

Emotions, thoughts, stories, and everything else might flow like a fountain between the two of you right from the start.

You don’t try to hide anything from them, and you eagerly await when you can share things with your partner.

7) You Notice Time Seems to Fly

The saying time flies when you’re having fun rings true in many cases but especially so with past life lovers.

As soon as you get together, you might completely forget about time.

Hours, perhaps days, will fly right by and all you notice is your partner.

It is so easy to talk with them that it is simple almost to forget reality.

Parting Words

Each one of us is on a journey, and we each have things we need to learn and share with those around us.

Reincarnation allows us the time we need to learn those lessons and help others learn theirs.

Along the way, a past life lover might cross your path and help guide you on your path.

If you can recognize the signs, you can get the most from your partner and mover forward on your way.

A past life lover is a powerful and beautiful addition to your life.

If you’re still not sure, see our love psychic reviews to speak with a specialist who can answer your questions.