7 Signs That You’re a Clairvoyant Psychic (Truth Revealed!)

Are you a clairvoyant psychic? You're about to discover the truth.

Are you a clairvoyant psychic? You’re about to discover the truth. Photo: Natalia Medd

You’ve probably seen clairvoyance depicted in television and movies.

Most of the time the clairvoyant is “over the top” and comes across as a little overdramatic (if not a little bit crazy).

While some depictions are far-fetched, some are reflective of what it’s like to be a clairvoyant psychic.

A psychic with clairvoyant abilities may first mistake his or her visions as daydreaming, wishful thinking, or just a rich imagination.

While clairvoyants have special abilities apart from other types of psychics, the range of abilities may differ from one person to the next.

Has anyone ever suggested that you might be clairvoyant or do you think your visions are more than a standard daydream?

Do you attend card readings and already know what the reader is going to tell you?

The following signs indicate that you may be a psychic with clairvoyant tendencies.

– Updated 10/11/2019

Do You Have the Gift of Clairvoyance? Here Are 7 Common Signs to Look For:

1) You Have Strong Intuition

Does your intuition, whether good or bad, come on strong and remains unwavering?

Believe it or not, some people experience little to no intuition and having a strong intuition is unique and definitely a sign that you could be psychic.

2) You Have Detailed Dreams and A Vivid Imagination

Many people think that they have vivid dreams and a wild imagination but someone who is clairvoyant may have active dreams and the details may be as clear is if you if your dream happened during the waking hours.

People who are clairvoyant often have a long history of being imaginative and often had imaginary friends, with a detailed life story, as a child.

They are also usually skilled at visualizing details of a story while it’s being told and create descriptive metaphors with ease.

3) Intuitive Visions Accompanied By Color and Light

Do you experience visions?

Do you experience visions? Photo: latorre-chainmen

People with clairvoyant capabilities often have visions with their third eye that are filled with swirls of color or flashes of light.

Psychic images, such as symbols or numbers, may randomly appear in “flashes.”

While it can be a little hard to get used to at first and many clairvoyants presume these flashes to be daydreams, they can be easier to manage and figure out once you accept them.

It’s also not uncommon to have short spurts of blurry vision and to see images out of the corner of your eye.

Some people describe their visions as something straight out of a movie.

4) Frequent and Detailed Daydreams

Were you often reprimanded for daydreaming too much as a child?

While daydreaming is a natural part of life, especially in young children with developing brains, you may have had clairvoyant abilities even at a young age.

If you daydream frequently and are able to visualize specific details as if you’re there, it could indicate your unique ability.

5) You Are Good At Envisioning Plans In Your Head

Many people with clairvoyant tendencies are attracted to doing projects that are aesthetically pleasing, but often they can see the finished product before the project begins.

Redecorating a room, doing landscaping, or creating a work of art is often easy to do (and can stay motivated) because the person already knows how it will look and that it will have pleasing results.

6) Drawn To Careers in Landscaping and Home Decor

If you're drawn to jobs that emphasize use of colors, or decor, you may have clairvoyant tendencies.

If you’re drawn to jobs that emphasize use of colors, or decor, you may have clairvoyant tendencies. Photo: Sebastian Dooris

Much like being able to envision plans in your head, if you are clairvoyant you may be more drawn to a career that has aesthetic results such as landscaping or home decorating.

Obviously, there are many more careers that allow you to use your psychic gift, but you’re probably attracted to things that are visually striking.

7) You Have A Good Sense Of Direction

Many people are directionally challenged and have a hard time reading and interpreting a map.

Your psychic abilities may be advantageous when it comes to traveling because directions and reading a map aren’t terribly difficult for someone with clairvoyant abilities.

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How To Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

If you suspect or know that you have some clairvoyant abilities, you may want to know how to improve your psychic development.

Keep in mind that it may take a while to sharpen and strengthen your abilities, but you can be successful if you’re patient with yourself.

Some tips for developing your clairvoyance is to practice relaxation meditation, tap into your daydream state, and focus on visions.

Here is a video with some additional tips you can use:

One final note: Rather than trying to figure out what your visions mean right away, write them down and try to recall as many details as possible.

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