How Much Should a Phone Psychic Cost?

What Is the Average Price for a Phone Psychic Reading

Wondering “What is the average price for a phone psychic reading?”

You’re in the right place.

If you’re thinking about seeking out the advice of a telephone psychic, whether to obtain clarity about a challenge you’re currently facing or some general advice for your life, it’s important to understand the costs you will be expected to pay.

Prices for a psychic reading by phone will vary quite a bit based on a number of factors such as the psychic’s experience, reputation, accuracy, and so on.

If that sounds like a lot to take in, don’t worry.

I’ll explain everything, giving you exact prices to expect, the average cost of a telephone reading, and also some recommendations based on my personal experience.

Ready? Ok, let’s go.

– Updated 2/11/2020

How Much Should You Pay for a Reading by Phone?

First, consider what your goals are.

If you are searching for definite guidance for your life, you will want to conduct some serious research before you settle on a reader.

Alternatively, if you just want to get a reading for fun, you may prefer a more cost-effective option.

If it sounds like a lot to think about, don’t worry, I’ll go over everything.

Plus I’ll recommend a few of my favorite psychic services by phone so you can stay safe from frauds.

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What Kind of Service Are You Looking For?

If you want a psychic reading to provide insight for your whole life, you will likely want to pay more for your session than you would if you are just searching for generalized guidance.

The reason being that if you have serious questions and want in-depth answers you’ll naturally want to speak with an experienced medium.

Phone Psychic Reading Costs – Based on Experience Level

Now that you’re familiar with the type of reading and service you want, take a look at the costs below to get the median price.

Beginners: $3.99 – $6.98 per minute

Psychics who are new to giving phone readings will be the lowest priced, typically ranging from $3.99 – $6.98 per minute.

As they gain more experience they will raise their rates.

Sometimes you can find real gems at this level – beginners who are naturally gifted with extraordinary psychic powers.

Tip: Some psychic sites will have a section for their “Rising Stars” (or named something similar), where you can see a list of phone psychics who are new but are getting fantastic reviews.

If you see an advisor you like in that section, I recommend you act quick.

Since they’re getting great feedback from customers and quickly gaining experience they will likely raise their prices soon.

Highly Skilled: $6.99 – $10.98 per minute

Woman calling a psychic after researching how much a phone psychic should cost

At this point, the psychic has built a positive reputation in the industry and is known for giving accurate readings over the phone.

If you want to call a highly skilled medium or psychic, the per-minute cost of these readings, on average, is $6.99 – $10.98 per minute.

The reasons for the higher price take into consideration:

  • Their years of training and experience
  • The fact that they have highly unique spiritual skills to offer
  • Operating costs (fees they pay to the psychic service they work with – or for rent and utilities if they are a freelance advisor)
  • These higher costs are typically for deep life and/or relationship readings to guide you on your personal path

Elite: $10.99 and up, per minute

On average, the price to get a reading by telephone with an elite-level psychic will start at $10.99 per minute.

It will increase from there based on a number of things, such as having many years of experience, extreme accuracy, fame, etc.

Parting Thoughts

It is possible to get amazing readings at each price level.

However, personally, I feel $6.99 – $10.98 per minute is the best price point for psychic readings over the phone.

At this level you can easily find a psychic to speak with that gives you very accurate readings for a really affordable price.

If you’re wondering which psychics to contact, check out my reviews of the best phone psychics.