How to Tell If You Are Psychic (Discover the Truth!)

Discover how to tell if you are psychic for real.

Discover how to tell if you are psychic for real.

Have you ever thought about something right before it happened, then asked yourself “Am I psychic?

Although some people assume that psychics are just making it all up, or worse, that psychics are somehow a force for evil in the world, many others argue that every person has some degree of psychic ability.

Getting to know some of the more common psychic traits and comparing them to your own experience is one way how to tell if you are psychic.

– Updated 10/11/2019

Easy Ways to Tell If You Are Psychic

Sometimes, the signs of psychic ability are more subtle than not. You might have a creeping suspicion that you should change a particular habit one day, for example.

Or you might meet someone and feel an instant connection with them or hear alarm bells going off right away.

The following are some of the more common characteristics of psychic people:

Characteristics of Psychic People

  • A sensitive nature. As you might guess, many psychics are more sensitive than the vast majority of people. They can pick up on energy and feelings that many people miss. Sensitive people feel emotions more deeply than the rest of the world and are also more likely to be affected by emotions they see in others.
  • A strong intuition. Psychics are intuitive. They are more likely to feel something in their “gut” and to act on it than others. For example, a psychic might get a bad feeling about an upcoming event and avoid it, or he or she might intuit that someone is up to no good.
  • Imagination. Psychics tend to be creative people with big imaginations. Being imaginative allows psychics to access visions and dreams and to project themselves into future situations.
  • Right-brainedness. Many psychics are right-brained, which plays a part in helping them to be creative and imaginative. Interestingly enough, although many are right-brained, they also have some degree of bilateral dominance, which means that you might be more likely to be psychic if you’re ambidextrous or regularly use both your right and left hands.
  • Introvertedness. Often, psychics appreciate spending time alone. They might be able to socialize with others, but since they usually feel profound empathy with others, spending too much time in the company of other people can be very draining.

Signs of Psychic Ability

Along with possessing some characteristics of psychic people, you might demonstrate some signs of being psychic.

This video will give you some additional tips:

 Common Signals of Psychic Ability Include:

  1. Seeing auras or colors. Many psychic people have what’s known as synesthesia, which means that the way their senses work is switched around. For example, it’s very common for psychics to see other people as colors or to see colors when they hear music.
  2. Having vivid dreams or visions. Another sign of psychic ability is experiencing visions while you are awake or having dreams while sleeping that are so vivid and life-like you fully remember them when you get up. In some instances, the events of the dream might play out in your life in some way. You might dream about something, only to have it occur in your life.
  3. Experiencing deja vu often. Most people, even non-psychics, experience feelings of deja vu from time to time. But if you consistently have a feeling that you’ve met someone or done something before, it’s most likely due to psychic power.
  4. Telepathy. The ability to communicate through thought, without speaking or gesturing, is a frequent psychic ability. If you often feel like you can tell what your friends are thinking or feeling, that can be a sign that you’re psychic.
  5. The ability to communicate with the dead. Being able to see dead people is reasonably common among psychics. In many cases, psychics have been able to see the dead since they were very young. In some instances, the dead might be trying to communicate with you to reach their loved ones.
  6. The ability to see the future. Here’s perhaps the most significant psychic ability of all: being able to predict the future. In some cases, the ability to predict the future comes from following a gut feeling. In others, it’s due to visions or psychic dreams.

Parting Words

Recognizing your abilities as a psychic can allow you to use your strengths and talents to help the people you love.