The 5 Most Common Psychic Dreams (and What They Mean)

Discover the real meaning of psychic dreams.

You’re about to discover the real meaning of psychic dreams. Photo: Arol Lightfoot

People who have psychic dreams experience their dream state much differently than others.

How many times have you sat down with your friends to discuss astrology or ready your horoscope and realized that you had dreamed certain aspects of it already?

When you have psychic dreams, they are more vivid, and when you wake up, you might have a hard time determining if they really happened or not.

During these types of dreams, it’s not uncommon to have an overwhelming feeling that aspects of your dream will come true soon.

Reportedly, President Lincoln had a dream about his assassination and many people on the Titanic had dreamt about the ship sinking before it occurred.

Were all of these people psychic? Possibly.

If you have psychic inclinations, your dreams can be exciting, or they can feel a bit unnerving; it all depends on the subjects of your dreams.

Here are some of the most common psychic dreams and their meanings.

– Updated 10/11/2019

5 Popular Psychic Dreams Demystified

1) Prophetic Dreams

When you see the future through your dream, you may be having a prophetic dream.

Sometimes the dream comes to life and other times it may be a coincidence.

More often than not, this type of dream may reveal that you have anxiety and are unsure of your future.

The subjects of the dream may be about your future and some of the choices you should (or should not make).

2) Apparitions

Contrary to popular belief, if a ghost appears in your dreams it can be a very good thing.

Contrary to popular belief, if a ghost appears in your dreams it can be a very good thing. Photo: mckinney75402

If you dream of a person who has passed, it can initially be a little unnerving and even a little scary.

When an apparition (or ghost) visits you or appears in your dreams, you shouldn’t assume that your death is soon to follow.

If you have psychic abilities, you can perceive things much deeper than other people in your life and an apparition may be using you to send a message.

Don’t be surprised if you dream of someone you hardly knew; they may be sending psychic messages of love to other people you know.

In a dream with an apparition, you may also experience a clairaudient dream.

These dreams are accompanied by a voice or sound that suddenly appears but is very distinct.

The sound or voice is usually giving you a message (you may or may not see someone with the voice or sound).

3) Clairvoyant Dreams

If you dream of something and it happens in real life (while you are dreaming about it), you have a clairvoyant dream.

Even if the event that you dream about didn’t happen at the same time as your dream, it could still be this type of dream.

Let’s say you have a dream that your grandmother is ill and was taken to the hospital.

When you awake the next morning to find out that your grandmother fell, broke her hip, and is in the hospital awaiting surgery, you may have clairvoyant tendencies.

Many people worry that only bad things are the subject of dreams, but that’s not always true.

4) Telepathic Dreams

A telepathic dream is more than just a dream.

A telepathic dream is more than just a dream. Photo: Ivan

Dream telepathy is shared with someone that you are close to such as a best friend, kindred spirit, lover, or even sibling.

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A telepathic dream may seem like a regular dream, and in the dream, you are interacting with another person (usually the person with whom you are close to).

When you share your dream with the person, and he or she reveals that a similar dream occurred, you are communicating telepathically through a dream with that person.

You may even find yourself entering someone else dreams.

5) Precognitive Dreams

A precognitive dream may also be known as a premonition or futuristic dream.

Things in your dreams may or may not occur in waking life, but as the name suggests, it could be a premonition of what could happen.

Someone who has this type of psychic dream often uses it as an opportunity to change something (so the dream doesn’t come true).

Much like other types of dreams, a premonition dream can be positive or negative and straightforward or symbolic.

It all depends on what you do with the information that showed up in your dream.

What To Do With Your Dreams

People with psychic tendencies may feel conflicted about their dreams.

While it can be very exciting to dream so vividly, it can also be overwhelming.

If you don’t already have a dream journal, start one.

Writing down dreams can help you keep organize your thoughts and can be a helpful reference tool when helping others or making decisions about your own life.

Have Questions?

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